Gentle, restful sleep for your child....AND you!

It’s so precious being a parent – being able to watch your child grow
and develop. But it’s not so good if you’re exhausted: you just can’t
enjoy the best of being a parent.

Our Gentle Sleep Coaches can help you gain better, longer, more
refreshing sleep for your child – and that means restful sleep for you, too.

Pick a Sleep Service Below and Get Sleep Help Now!

For Babies and Children 18 Weeks to 6 Years Old


Schedule a 30 minute phone consult within 48 hours of submitting your form

  • Your Gentle Sleep Coach® will review your intake form and your sleep questions
  • Schedule your phone consult within 48 hours of submitting your completed form
  • This service does not include a sleep plan or ongoing support
  • Please refer to the Newborn Phone Support package for ongoing support

Mini Phone Consult (30 Minutes)

Let's Get Started!$95

Email Sleep Plan with Follow Up Support

Customized Sleep Plan + Follow Up Support

  • Review and evaluation of your history form by a
    Gentle Sleep Coach
  • You will receive a customized, step-by-step sleep coaching plan within 48 hours of receiving your completed history form
  • 6 follow up emails with your GSC to discuss your sleep coaching progress, review your logs, ask questions and further strategize as needed.
  • To be used within 30 days
  • Additional follow up support can be purchased.

Email Sleep Plan + Follow Up

Let's Get Started!$260

Sleep Support

Phone Consult + Customized Sleep Plan + Phone & Email Support

  • Review and evaluation of your history form by your
    Gentle Sleep Coach®
  • Schedule your 90 minute
    phone consult
  • Receive a customized,
    step-by-step sleep coaching plan within 48 hours of your consult
  • 4 up to 30 min follow up
    phone calls
  • 4 follow up emails
  • To be used within 60 days
  • Additional follow up support can be purchased

Platinum Sleep Support

Let's Get Started!$495

For Children with Special Needs And Sleep Concerns


Review and evaluation of your history form by Katie Holloran, MA, BCBA, a Gentle Sleep Coach®, who has her Masters in Special Education and is Board Certified Behavioral Analyst.

• Schedule your 90 minute phone consult, fill out the history form and Katie will create a customized sleep plan for you PLUS 6 follow ups either through phone or email.

• You and Katie will decide whether phone or email follow up works best for you. Follow up phone calls are up to 15 minutes long.

Phone Consult + Customized Sleep Plan + Follow up Support

Let's Get Started!$395


If you need help figuring out which sleep package is right for you, check out our FAQs section first.
Simply click on the questions nearest to your question and the answer will appear in the drop down.

Do you offer a guarantee or refunds?

We can't make any guarantees but we can promise that if you use our sleep coaching plan and directives as outlined, you should see marked improvement, often in as few as 10-14 days (or even less!). We promise respectful, professional, courteous treatment from all of our Certified Gentle Sleep Coaches.

Please read more about our refund and cancellation policies HERE.

I want to discuss two children of different ages. Is there an additional fee?

There is. In certain situations, a sibling fee of $50 may be added for each additional sibling after a package has been purchased for the “primary" child.

The child who is experiencing more sleep issues would be considered the “primary” child. The sibling fee is applicable when you only have a few questions about another child’s sleep; or if all of your multiples will be sleep coached at the same time.

When a package is purchased with the additional sibling fee, only one history form may be submitted, and the initial consultation time will not extend.

We highly recommend the Platinum Sleep Package with the additional sibling fee of $50 in these cases.

If your babies are under 18 weeks: we strongly recommend the Newborn Phone Support package with the additional sibling fee of $50.

What if I have a newborn and an older child who need help?

In cases where you have a newborn and an older child, the sleep issues they are experiencing are likely very different. We recommend that you purchase the Newborn Phone Support Package as well as either the Email Sleep Plan + Follow up or the Platinum package.

We will do our best to assign you one coach, though you may need to work with two coaches due to your children’s different ages. We want you to work with the coach who has the best training for your newborn.

I have multiple children who are not sleeping well.....can you help?

The short answer is YES!

If you have more than one child, both who are over 18 weeks old, there are two options. Please select the best option for your situation:

The Email Sibling Plan

Your coach will do a full review and evaluation of two history forms, creation of two customized sleep plans + 10 follow up emails $495


Platinum Sleep Plan Plus

Your sleep coach will do a full review and evaluation of two history forms, plus a two hour initial consultation with creation of two customized sleep plans + 8 -up to 20 min phone follow up calls and + 4 follow up emails $795

Do I need to purchase more than one sleep plan?

It really depends on your situation. If you have multiple children who are not sleeping well, and their schedules are all over the map, then you will need to purchase a sleep plan with a history form for each child that you want your coach to help. For further explanation, go here.

If you have one child who is struggling, and another who has occasional issues, then you can take advantage of our sibling add on. The second child will not have their own history form, but you will be able to communicate with your sleep coach about their sleep and ask questions-the coaching just won’t be as in depth.


I’m tired of getting no sleep. I want someone to create a custom sleep plan for my child and support me through implementing it.

We can help! Depending upon the type of support you'd like to have, there are a two plans that should meet your needs. Each plan includes your very own Gentle Sleep Coach, a customized sleep plan, a 1:1 coaching consultation, and email follow ups.

Depending upon how much support you’d like to have while you implement your plan, you can choose from the following packages:

Email Sleep Plan with Follow Up Support

Platinum Sleep Support

I have your book and have started sleep coaching and have a question. Which package should I choose?
In that situation, an Email Exchange or the 30 min Phone Consult would be best. Simply choose your option based on whether you prefer an email, or to talk live to a Gentle Sleep Coach.


I have tried sleep coaching unsuccessfully before…what makes this different?
I’m sorry to hear that you were not successful in your previous attempts. What makes our sleep plans unique is that you are involved in the creation process. Your personal Gentle Sleep Coach will use the sleep history you provide to create recommendations, and together you’ll develop a course of action. I suggest our Platinum Package so that you get the most support possible during the sleep coaching process.
I am exhausted and have no idea where to start. I need someone who really understands this stuff.

It sounds like you definitely need your very own Sleep Coach! I also recommend that you reivew our Platinum Package. You’ll have your very own sleep coach who will review your complete history form. You’ll then select a date and time for your 90 minute phone consultation.

You will have your consultation with your Gentle Sleep Coach who will create a customized sleep plan with you and coach you thru the sleep coaching process thru phone calls and emails.

My child has a special need. Do you have any experience or can you help me improve his/her sleep?

Yes! We have Katie Holloran, a Gentle Sleep Coach with her Masters in Special Education and Board Certified Behavior Analyst with over 15 years clinical and school-based experience with children with special needs.

Katie has helped families provide the sleep support their children with special needs need using supportive, developmentally-appropriate, and effective strategies and techniques.

We suggest a sleep consult and follow up with Katie Holloran

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Kim West, LCSW-C
The Sleep Lady®

P.S. There are a lot of reasons why your efforts to get your child to sleep through the night have failed in the past – it’s not your fault! Maybe you tried at the wrong time, maybe you didn’t follow through, maybe you missed an underlying condition – your Gentle Sleep Coach® will carefully study and analyze your situation and develop a personalized plan to get you results! Click here to pick the sleep package for you.


I believe in running my business with absolute integrity. When describing actual results from my clients, the FTC requires that I also disclose what a “typical” result looks like. Certainly, some customers never follow through with the techniques and see no improvement, but if the thousands of thank you notes I’ve received over the years are any indication, these sleep plans work surprisingly well if you follow the instructions with your child.

The testimonial statements are made by actual clients and represent reported results for the services offered by these providers.Consultants do not offer medical advice. If you have any medical concerns you should consult your doctor.

2016-11-10_1002-png-1920x974-google-chrome-2016-11-23-20-38-08Not sure which sleep package is right for you?

I recommend you start with the 30 Min Mini Phone Consult so you and your Gentle Sleep Coach can figure out where to start in improving your baby or child's sleep. To purchase your 30 Min Mini Phone Consult:

If your baby is under 18 weeks old click here.

If your baby or child is over 18 weeks old click here.