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stop co-sleeping

How Do I Stop Co-Sleeping With My Toddler?

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How Do I Stop Co-Sleeping With My Toddler? Hi! Kim West, The Sleep Lady. And today, I’m going to answer Jordana’s question about how to stop co-sleeping with her toddler: “I have a toddler sleep problem. My son is now 15 months old and he does sleep through night and has been since about four to five months of age. My problem is that he sleeps with me in my…

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getting your toddler to stay in bed

Getting Your Toddler to Stay in Bed at Bedtime and All Night Long

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As toddlers grow, their bodies and minds need to adjust to the shift of weaning themselves off of naps and appreciating the benefits of a longer night’s sleep. Between the ages of two and three, average toddler sleep needs drop to about ten and a half hours a night, plus an hour and a half afternoon nap. Four-year-olds need eleven and a half hours at night, and most no longer…

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early rising toddler

Rise & Shine – Tips to Stop the Early Rising Toddler!

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Mornings for some of you begin as early as 4 AM. Waking up too early can mean a tired family and earlier naps, throwing off bedtime rituals later. Waking up too late does the opposite, pushing nap time to later in the day and sometimes prolonging bedtime. And believe it or not, a later bedtime doesn’t mean your child will wake later. Don’t worry! You can get your early rising…

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Naps, Naps, and Naps! When, Why, and How to Get Your Baby to Nap

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Getting your child to sleep at night is a major milestone and goal for parents everywhere. But did you know that daytime sleep plays a huge role in that quality nighttime slumber? Learn why they’re important and how to get solid naps for your child. When do Regular Naps Start? The first morning nap doesn’t start to develop its consistency in time and length until around 12 weeks. The afternoon…

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toddler ready to drop nap

Toddler Sleep: Is My Toddler Ready to Drop to One Nap?

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  “How do I know when my toddler is ready to drop to one nap a day?  My 14 month old is fighting his second nap, often resulting in him missing it entirely.  I have tried shortening his first nap so he would be tired for his second nap, but that didn’t work.  I also tried pushing his first nap later and then hoping that he will nap for 3…

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toddler bedtime routines

Toddler Sleep: Creating a Sleep Inducing Bedtime Routine

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For toddlers and preschoolers, the bedtime routine can often be the most challenging part of the day. It means another transition and separation from you, at the same time that everyone in the household is a bit tired and sometimes frazzled from a long day, especially when you really just want to help your toddler sleep. Create a Soothing and Predictable Bedtime Routine Every parent knows that bedtime routines should…

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quiet time

Dropping the Afternoon Nap — Transitioning to Quiet Time for Toddlers

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Naps to quiet time can bring a big transition for the whole family! Many families ask me at what age do children give up their naps. On average children give up their afternoon nap at 4 years old. That being said, I have worked with many 3-3 1/2 year olds who successfully give up their daily afternoon nap (these children are sleeping through the night). Watching your child’s behavior is…

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