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Get More Sleep as a New Parent

Using the F.A.S.T. Approach and Create a "Home of Harmony" Without ever Having to Let Your Baby Cry it Out

Join the 1,000,000+ families I've helped get more sleep


Congratulations! You’re a new parent!

You’re also really, seriously, desperately tired.

Over the last 28 years, I’ve helped over 1,000,000 families get more sleep by applying my tried-and-true gentle methods and finding the ones that work for them and their baby’s unique needs

Now I’m making those methods available to you in a comprehensive online course specifically designed for 0-5 month olds.

I’m Kim West, known around the world as The Sleep Lady®

I’m also the creator of the Sleep Shuffle and baby-led sleep shaping and coaching. (Maybe you’ve seen me on Dr Phil or CNN?)

I’m also a mother of two daughters, author of four books on baby sleep — with two more on the way! — and have decades of experience as a family therapist.

Before I share exactly how you and your family can start experiencing better sleep again, it’s important you know three things:

  • The situation you’re in is absolutely normal.

    Of course, there are plenty of things we can do so that you and your little one sleep better, but you don’t have a broken baby. You actually have a perfectly designed one. (Yes, they are biologically designed to wake up often to keep themselves safe!)

  • You’re already doing an amazing job.

    Even if it feels like you’re falling short of expectations that you’ve placed on yourself, or others have placed on you. Your whole world has been turned upside down by this tiny human and you’re doing everything possible to keep them warm, fed, and loved. Keep going.

  • You can improve your baby’s sleep without letting them cry it out.

    Research shows that sleep training in the first six months does not decrease crying (or prevent sleep and behavioral problems) later in childhood. In fact, sometimes the opposite can happen and crying can increase and breastfeeding might stop earlier.

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A genuinely gentle, evidence-based, and responsive approach to immediately improving your 0-5 month old baby’s sleep


"You saved our marriage!"

"It's not an overstatement to say you saved our marriage. And the best part of all is that being a mom is finally how I imagined and hoped it would be."

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This revolutionary online course is designed in three parts: Solid Sleep Foundations, Sleep Shaping Stages 1-5, and a Digital Planner + Troubleshooting Toolkit.


In the first section of this revolutionary online course, I’ll introduce you to the F.A.S.T. to Sleep approach: an easy-to-remember, easy-to-apply approach you can trust no matter your baby’s age. This is going to be your new best friend, whether your baby is about to be born, is a few weeks old, or is currently going through the 4-month sleep “regression” (a challenging, but developmentally normal stage of newborn sleep). 

So many sleep courses focus only on sleep. My experience has shown that you need to look at the situation more holistically to find the perfect sleep solution for your family. 

Inside Gentle Newborn Sleep Solutions, everything is built upon four foundational pillars that must be considered to ensure your baby gets optimal peaceful sleep:


    A baby who feeds well is much more likely to sleep well. I’ll show you what signs to look out for to ensure your baby is feeding well first, as well as answering questions like: How much should my baby be eating? How often should I be feeding? Does my baby really need this many overnight snacks?!


    A secure bond works wonders for baby sleep! Not only will I explain what attachment really means (attachment parenting is not the same as attachment theory), I’ll share how you can add safety and security to your baby’s world and learn to read their unique cues.


    When you know how your baby likes to be soothed, everyone can get back to sleep quicker! I’ll show you how to attune to your baby and give you a variety of simple and age-specific soothing techniques to start experimenting with.


    Your baby’s natural temperament plays a crucial part in their sleep patterns. (This is a huge missing piece with most sleep courses but an essential part of mine.) I’ll explain what temperament is and how to notice it, and how to approach sleep shaping if you have a particularly alert baby.

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Once you’ve got solid foundations, you’re all set to start Baby-Led Sleep Shaping! I’ve broken these into five “stages” for you to move through as your newborn develops. These roughly correlate to months (e.g. stage 1 = month 1), but remember every baby develops at a different pace and you’re the expert on your baby and what they’re ready for. 

Because these stages build on each other, even if your baby is already 4 months old when you buy this course, you’ll want to ensure you apply everything in the preceding stages for optimal sleep!


In this stage you’ll learn practical strategies to:

  • Feed your baby in a way that supports their sleep

  • Bond with your baby without putting any pressure on the process

  • Build regular tummy time into your day (yes, this facilitates good sleep!)

  • Teach your baby to avoid day-night confusion

  • Craft your baby’s preliminary sleep routine (not a schedule!)

  • Prioritize your own self-care, which is easy to forget when you have a newborn, but so important to your wellbeing

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In this stage, we’ll cover how to:

  • Deal with cluster feeding if it emerges and how to adapt your day around it

  • Introduce a dream feed if you’d like to

  • Identify the reasons why your baby might be crying (and how to distinguish between normal crying and colic)

  • Expand your soothing toolkit and try baby massage

  • Gently introduce age-appropriate wake up and bedtimes

  • Put your baby to sleep at the best time for them (and how to make sure it’s before they get overtired)

  • Apply special soothing techniques if you have an alert baby

  • Accept help from others so you’re able to get more sleep


In this stage, you’ll be able to:

  • Navigate feeding challenges (like nursing strikes), if they arise

  • Support your baby’s ability to soothe themselves in the future

  • Help your baby roll

  • Decipher whether to wean off a swaddle if you’re using one

  • Create a longer stretch of overnight sleep

  • Try my 1st sleep shaping technique, The Switcheroo

  • Try my 2nd sleep shaping technique, The Jiggle & Soothe

  • Regulate yourself as a parent — when you’re frustrated, your baby knows!

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While every baby experiences developmental changes in their sleep around the 4 month mark, not all of them will let you know about it. If you do feel like your baby’s sleep “regresses” around this time, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. And everything you’ve done in the previous stages is going to help you through. 

In this stage, I’ll support you to

  • Ground yourself through a challenging phase

  • Calmly handle any feeding changes that arise (e.g. what to do if your baby doesn’t seem hungry in the morning or is easily distracted)

  • See your baby’s emerging temperament (I’ll share what the 3 temperaments are and how to assess your baby’s)

  • Incorporate sleep shaping techniques during the regression

  • Recalibrate your baby’s routines after the regression

  • Try my 3rd sleep shaping technique, The Super Slow Shuffle

  • Try my 4th sleep shaping technique, The Jiggle & Soothe 2.0


Once you’re on the other side of the 4-month sleep regression (if your baby experiences one), we’ll focus on how to:

  • Assess whether your baby is ready for sleep coaching (or if they even need it — sometimes sleep shaping is enough to set your baby up for great sleep without anything further)

  • Solidify feeding foundations before sleep coaching

  • Gently handle stranger anxiety and parental separation

  • Try my 1st sleep coaching technique, The Modified Shuffle

  • Build your sleep plan with the 7 core components

  • Deal with common issues like crying or waking up too early

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newborn sleep classes

Every baby is different, and along your sleep shaping journey you may find that you need further guidance in a specific area or have a challenge you’d like extra information and support on. That’s where this toolkit comes in super handy. The troubleshooting section covers:

  • How to Improve Sleep While Cosleeping Safely

  • Weaning off the swaddle

  • Reflux + GERD

  • Eczema

  • Pacifiers

  • Teething

More topics coming soon:

  • What if my baby gets sick?

  • Feeding challenges

  • Working with daycare to support sleep

Your complete newborn sleep solution is one click away!

Online Course

  • Payment Plan Available! 4 low payments of $49.25
  • Series of on-demand short + practical videos
  • Demos of my Sleep Shaping Techniques
  • Digital planner + printable resources to guide you through Sleep Shaping at you + your baby’s perfect pace
  • Sample schedules + routines (when age-appropriate)
  • Feed + sleep tracking logs
  • Step-by-step instructions for all Sleep Shaping Techniques
  • Mantras + visualizations to help you stay calm and regulated

Online Course + Private Consult with a Gentle Sleep Coach

  • Payment Plan Available! 4 low payments of $74.25
  • Series of on-demand short + practical videos
  • Demos of my Sleep Shaping Techniques
  • Digital planner + printable resources to guide you through Sleep Shaping at you + your baby’s perfect pace
  • Sample schedules + routines (when age-appropriate)
  • Feed + sleep tracking logs
  • Step-by-step instructions for all Sleep Shaping Techniques
  • Mantras + visualizations to help you stay calm and regulated
  • One 45-minute private consult with one of our qualified Gentle Sleep Coach for personalized guidance for your unique family

Online Course + Private Consult + 3 Months of Support from a Gentle Sleep Coach

  • Payment Plan Available! 4 low payments of $124.25
  • Everything included in the Online Course, PLUS:
  • One 45-minute private consult with one of our qualified Gentle Sleep Coach for personalized guidance for your unique family
  • Access to Our Power Pack Resources including:
    - Montessori Newborn Care Guide
    - How to Stay Connected as New Parents Guide
    - Making Returning to Work As Seamless as Possible
    - Printable Milestone Markers for the First Year
    - And more to come!
Our Gentle Sleep Solution has a 98% success rate, so we are confident that we can help you help your child develop healthy sleep habits.
If within 5 days you’ve gone through the course and it's not what you were expecting we will send you a full refund of your purchase price.
If your purchase includes a consult with a Gentle Sleep Coach Specialist, we are not able to offer refunds after your first consult.

Your Questions Answered

Yes! Believe me, I understand. I’ve worked with thousands of families and I know the best ways to help you and your baby get more sleep. The course includes instantly accessible short + actionable videos (watch them on your phone any time), sleep technique explanations, worksheets to help you stay on track, and so much more to support you in getting the rest you’re craving. It’s designed to fit into your unpredictable schedule, not add to it.

Yes. The five sleep shaping stages roughly correlate to months (e.g. stage 1 = month 1) and they intentionally build on each other to create better sleep for your family. Because of that, and because every baby develops at their own unique pace, this is the right course whether they are 1 day old or 4.5 months old. (It also sets a complete and solid foundation for sleep coaching if that’s something you decide you would like to do when you and your baby are ready).

There is no “perfect” sleep timeline and it helps to release any pressure around your baby sleeping a certain way by a certain age. This is why I describe my approach as Baby-Led. For example, you may have a baby who was born early and their sleep may take a little longer to develop than a baby born full term. You may have a 5 month old who is very alert or intense and isn’t quite ready for sleep coaching. You may have a baby with reflux who experiences their first longer night stretches later than 6-8 weeks. These are all normal situations that I cover in the course and provide flexible solutions for.

The course includes all the information for you and your baby to get better sleep. But working with a GSC is as close to a “sleep solution shortcut” as you can get! If you feel you would like additional support from a baby sleep expert to tailor the approach to your unique baby and answer any questions you have about your sleep journey, getting additional support from a GSC is an excellent decision. 

If you already know you would benefit from 1:1 help from a Gentle Sleep Coach who is trained in what questions to ask and what signs to look out for to create the best plan for your family, choose one of the packages that already includes it. Or, if you purchase the course and later decide you would also value customized 1:1 support on top, simply contact us to upgrade.

Six months, plenty of time to master sleep shaping before your baby turns six months old. If in the future you have another little one and would like to re-purchase the course, simply email us at support@sleeplady.com and we’ll give you a returning parent discount.

There is no simple answer here. This is not a magic bullet (nobody can give you one of those unfortunately) and I’m here to set you up for success with realistic expectations. Can I promise your baby will sleep through the night while they’re this young? No.

Can I promise that this course will meet your baby where they’re at developmentally and provide age-appropriate solutions that give them the best possible chance of getting better sleep. Yes! Absolutely yes.

Not at all. This course provides appropriate feeding and sleeping guidance whether your baby is exclusively breastfed, exclusively bottle-fed, or a combination of the two.

I understand your concern. Some sleep courses are marketed as gentle, only to be anything but. That’s not the case with Gentle Newborn Sleep Solutions. My approach to sleep shaping is genuinely gentle and does not involve leaving your baby to cry it out in any way. This course + patience + practice = more zzzs in a way that feels good to both you and your newborn.

A Gentle Sleep Coach® (GSC) goes through a rigorous training program and mentorship created by me and my faculty of pediatric development experts. They are required to complete continuing education, pass two exams, and work with 3 families before becoming certified. Once certified, they have access to mentorship and are required to complete ongoing continued education. In short, they know my methods inside out and are perfectly placed to support tired families in getting more sleep in the way that works best for them.

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