The Sleep Lady’s Good Night, Sleep Tight

Selected Chapters on Toddler Sleep
For children 13-30 months


Learn how to gently encourage positive sleep habits for your toddler!

  • Manage the big developmental changes happening with your toddler including how to transition to one nap
  • Sample eating and sleep schedules + Introduction to The Sleep Lady Shuffle
  • Tips to phase out pacifiers, bottles, and rocking to sleep and other sleep crutches
  • Resources on nightmares and how to sleep coach while potty training

"Wish I had found this book 2.5 years ago as we have struggled with sleeping since my son was first born. This finally offers useable advice and strategies other than " let him cry it out!" Which never worked for us! Very helpful for moms of toddlers and preschoolers still struggling with sleep!!!"  — Jerilyn Griffith 


Kim West, LCSW-C
The Sleep Lady®

P.S. There are a lot of reasons why your efforts to get your child to sleep through the night have failed in the past – it’s not your fault! Maybe you tried at the wrong time, maybe you didn’t follow through, maybe you missed an underlying condition – your Gentle Sleep Coach® will carefully study and analyze your situation and develop a personalized plan to get you results! Click here to pick the sleep package for you.


I believe in running my business with absolute integrity. When describing actual results from my clients, the FTC requires that I also disclose what a “typical” result looks like. Certainly, some customers never follow through with the techniques and see no improvement, but if the thousands of thank you notes I’ve received over the years are any indication, these sleep plans work surprisingly well if you follow the instructions with your child.