Children in Beds (2.5yrs to 6yrs)

The Only Sleep Training Course for Children in Beds

Surprise! Your little baby is now an independent person, and everything you thought you knew about sleep training has gone out the window - especially since your child is in a bed. All that’s standing between you and a solid night sleep is a little consistency, a little time and our easy to follow, no-cry-it-out and flexible sleep training method - made specifically for children in beds.

You Don’t Have to Live Life Sleep Deprived

You’ve muddled through your child’s bedtime by trying anything and everything to get them to fall asleep and actually stay in their bed, but you’re still not sleeping solidly.

Is your child struggling with:

Staying in Bed

Your child will happily get in bed at bedtime, but is out and moving around the house in the night

Bedtime Routine

You have no routine in place and rely on laying with, reading to or rocking your child to fall asleep

Early Rising

You child is up before the sun ever since moving to a bed - much earlier than you ever anticipated


We are fans of co-sleeping, but you could have accidentally began co-sleeping just to get through the night and now you want to end it and move your child to their own bed


You don’t have to feel this way anymore. Even if you’ve previously sleep trained your child when they were a baby and in a crib, you can start sleeping in two weeks with our proven course, Gentle Sleep Solutions, made specifically for children in beds.

Don’t settle for a copy - we are the original, proven and only sleep training solution for independent children in beds and are confident we can help your family get back to sleep.


This worked for my daughter who, at three years old, had slept through the night less than a dozen times in her life. We tried every method we could get our hands on, and stuck to each of the methods for long enough that we should have seen some progress. Nothing worked ...   But [Gentle Sleep Solutions] worked.

~ Jennifer


  • Creator Kim West has 25 years of experience sleep training - more than any other sleep training course out there
  • Uses a gentle approach with no crying-it-out or leaving your child alone
  • Allows parents to be flexible in their sleep training plan
  • Is shame-free - we’ll never tell you to stop doing something like co-sleeping, feeding in the night or room-sharing, but rather give you the best options to continue doing those things while sleep training
  • Was created with your child’s emotional well-being as the top priority

“I would highly recommend the system to anyone who's ready to sleep more each night.”

~ Nicole Lee

Meet Kim West, The Sleep Lady,
and Original Sleep Training Coach



  • 120 minutes of instructional, easy-to-follow videos covering all concerns including crying, creating a bedtime routine, napping and gently weaning off sleep crutches
  • Walk-through of creating your own personalized sleep plan that is customized to your child’s and family’s needs
  • Membership in our exclusive online Facebook group
  • Access to 1:1 help from a Gentle Sleep Coach
  • Timely follow-up tips that will help you through every step of the sleep training process

Frequently Asked Questions

With all types of families using Gentle Sleep Solutions, we have found 98% success rate when the family is consistent with following the provided guidelines and after all underlying medical conditions have been ruled out.

If things are not going as well you had hoped with sleep training, please reach out to one of my trained Gentle Sleep Coaches on the Facebook group or schedule a Sleep Plan Review. We are here to help and want to get to the bottom of your issues!

When we say "no crying" in gentle sleep solutions, we mean that we are never going to tell you to leave your child alone to cry in their crib by themselves. We know with any changes, tears will come, but we encourage you to stay with your child and offer physical and verbal reassurance while they learn the skill of putting themselves to sleep independently. You will do this less and less and move away slowly as your child learns to self soothe and fall asleep independently.

You are not alone and we want you to improve your whole family's sleep! We offer two different courses - one specifically for children in beds and one for babies in cribs.

You can purchase both programs for $223.50....that is 50% off the second course.

Click here to get started!

You will have log-in access to the videos and Facebook group for 4 months.

A GSC is a Gentle Sleep Coach - someone who has been certified through a rigorous training program, and receives mentorship from Kim and has to complete continuing education to remain certified. GSC's are available to answer clarifying questions about your sleep plan in the Facebook group, and available 1:1 through the course upgrades.

Absolutely! If you are doing nap coaching on the weekends only, this may take a bit longer, but sleep training while in daycare is doable. We will ask you to work with your daycare provider to fill the daytime sleep tank anyways they can. We are creative problem solvers - we have seen it all!

Yes! We offer two sleep package options to further support you.

Review of your Assessment Form and Sleep Plan

After you've watched the videos and created your sleep plan, you can meet online, 1:1, with a Gentle Sleep Coach (GSC) to review your plan and an assessment form. This private consultation will be a 45-minute video or phone call. Your GSC will make sure that you are addressing everything needed for success and will answer any and all questions. Purchase this package.

Review of your Assessment Form and Sleep Plan PLUS 4 follow-up calls

Receive the 45-minute Review Assessment above, PLUS 4 additional 1:1 calls over 3 weeks to review your sleep logs, answer your questions, and further strategize with you on your plan. Each additional 1:1 call will be a 45-minute video or phone call. Purchase this package.

We want all of our Gentle Sleep Solutions families to find sleep coaching success! But, we also know that sometimes a family’s sleep situation may be more complicated than expected and more support may be needed. We know that sometimes the smallest and most subtle things are what create obstacles in sleep training success. Because of this, there are steps to go through before a refund can be issued. See all the steps HERE. Once all steps are followed, refunds can be issued.

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