Good Night, Sleep Tight

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Worked great
By Jennifer MacFarlane

“We researched ALL the sleep books and decided on this one. Her system worked in 3 days! Our daughter really “learned” how to sleep…so grateful for this knowledge and the gentle approach to sleep training.”

Best method out there
By Kathryn Henry

“Finally a method that worked for us! My son was 14 months and still waking up 3+ times a night to nurse. When I started this method with him it was like he wanted to learn how to sleep. It only took 2 weeks and he is a rock star sleeper AND I can put him in his crib awake at night and he talks himself to sleep. This book step by step leads you through it all and gives you the freedom to do what you only feel comfortable with.”

Finally! A system that worked for us!

“I tried crying-it-out with my baby and it felt like it broke both of us. I tried no-cry and it was like walking on egg shells with total sleep deprivation. This book is a gentle compromise between the two methods. I really appreciated that the author talks about the “exceptions” and basically every possible scenario. I highly recommend this book to parents of sleepless children at any age!!!”

Good Night, Sleep Tight Companion Workbook

At last, a companion workbook to Good Night, Sleep Tight!

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Perfect for a busy {tired} mom
By Lindsay Chung

“If you read my review of The Sleep Lady’s Good Night Sleep Tight, you know that I absolutely love her technique. I was having some terrible trouble getting my girls to go to bed and sleep through the night and was in desperate need of some help. I followed her techniques and was able to consistently sleep until my alarm went off. That was unheard of in my home.

This workbook is almost like a “cliff notes” version of Good Night Sleep Tight and is just as essential for a new mom. New moms are tired enough and it can be really difficult to find time to read anything, let alone a 400+ page book about sleeping. So, the condensed version is really a lifesaver.

This book is perfect for any mom with a kid under the age of 6.”

A wonderful guide
By E. Kischell

“This is a wonderful guide for any parent whose child is having sleep problems. It claims to be a common sense method and it certainly is – when you’re a sleepless parent you really want a sleep technique that works and that does not require a bunch of mental gymnastics. This workbook format is terrific for the busy (and tired!) parent, it’s easy to use, even if you do not have the original book than this workbook is based on (Good Night Sleep Tight).”

52 Sleep Secrets For Babies

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Vital information and a great gift!
By E. Mulligan

“Kim West’s advice about sleeping for children is spot on and more helpful than you could dream it would be. This little book is a handy reference and full of useful tidbits. A wonderful gift for a new mom, it serves as a quick study on how to help your baby and child sleep well. It’s also a quick reference and refresher course for second-time (and third- and fourth-time) parents to start out and continue on the right foot. I can’t recommend this book enough! And if you want details and anecdotes that support these concepts, you should purchase and read Good Night, Sleep Tight. The Sleep Lady rocks!

Great book for Moms!
By Mia

“This gift book is awesome because it gives practical information on helping your baby sleep. It is just what it says “52 sleep secrets”. They are short and if the baby starts crying and interrupts you from reading, you’re not in the middle of a long chapter. It is also great because it doesn’t follow one “theory” on raising your kid like Attachment, Ferber, Baby Wise, etc. It just gives info on sleeping and what all people/babies need without telling you to make them cry it out or not cry it out. I loved it!”