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Dive into the world of gentle potty coaching, an innovative approach curated by Kim West, also known as "The Sleep Lady®." If you're tired of conventional potty training methods that rely on forced timelines, bribes, or unnecessary confrontations, our method prioritizes a harmonious and customizable experience tailored for every unique family. With our Gentle Potty Coaching, you aren't just 'training'; you're fostering an environment of learning and growth, equipping your child with the tools and confidence to master this pivotal life skill. Embrace a solution where the journey is just as valuable as the destination. By leveraging our comprehensive video guides, extensive on-demand resources, and 1:1 coaching opportunities, you and your child can experience potty learning that's gentle, respectful, and adaptive to your individual needs. Don't compromise with one-size-fits-all approaches. Choose Gentle Potty Coaching and let the transformative journey begin.


How to Prepare for Potty Training: 4 Things to Consider

How to Prepare for Potty Training: 4 Things to Consider In creating the Gentle Potty Course, we felt strongly that we needed to help families prepare to potty train just as much as we had to teach about potty learning itself. Potty learning success means prepar...
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4 Signs of Potty Training Readiness

4 Signs of Potty Training Readiness One of the most asked questions  in the potty learning process is “what are the signs of potty training readiness?” Parents may be waiting for a sign from their child before they start potty training, but today we want t...
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potty training myths

The Potty Training Myth Buster Guide

Every parent has been there – you decide you’re ready to potty train your child. You tell family and friends and you’re hit from all directions with stories, advice, horror tales, and more. This can make any parent nervous, but we’re here to tell you that you c...
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The joy of diaper-free days is within reach!

The Issue With ‘Boot Camp’ Potty Training

In today’s episode of the Gentle Parenting Show, Kim is joined by Alexis Granelli - a certified Gentle Sleep Coach and Gentle Potty Coach. Kim and Alexis want to break down why the rigid, boot camp approach to potty training doesn’t work for every child or family. They cover how potty training is not just a one-size-fits-all approach, and offer a great solution to gently potty train your own child.

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