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Sleeping like a baby sounds great, but any parent of a 6-12-month-old infant can tell you that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Sometimes, babies won’t sleep! The good news? At this age, it is easier to sleep train your baby than it would be at an older age.

Keep reading to see how we answer common questions like how long should a baby sleep, how to get your baby to sleep through the night and how to schedule baby’s naps, and general tips on what to when when your baby is not sleeping!! Our approach is to prioritize the sleep your baby needs, and work the rest of their schedule around that. We want to help you improve your baby’s sleep, whether it’s sleeping through the night or taking consistent naps. And, we want to teach you how to do it all  without letting your baby cry it out.

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Find Quick Solutions for Sleep Training Your Baby

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    Baby Sleep Schedules

We know that no two days with a baby ever look the same, but there are still general sleep guidelines to follow. Babies should get an average of 11 hours of nighttime sleep, with about 3 hours of daytime sleep spread out over 2-3 naps. Sound like an impossible task? Below we’ll give you resources on how to get your baby on a sleep schedule.

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Age appropriate chapters in The Sleep Lady’s Good Night Sleep Tight book will help with daily schedules and developmental changes. For a sample 6-8 month schedule, take a look at page 77 and for a sample 9-12 month schedule, reference page 127.

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    Baby Sleep Regressions

Your baby is learning so many new, big skills that their other routines —like eating, sleeping, and staying even keeled can start regressing. Rest assured, we have resources on when to expect sleep regressions, and how to get your baby to continue on their schedule through a sleep regression.

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To read more about the sleep regressions by age, take a look at pages 83-90 for 6-8 month olds and 132-139 for 9-12 month olds in The Sleep Lady’s Good Night Sleep Tight book.

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    Night Weaning

Around 6-12 months, most (but not all)  healthy and growing babies need no feedings in the 11 hour period that they sleep. If your baby bottle-feeds or nurses to go to sleep, this is the age to night wean, so your baby can learn to fall asleep, and go back to sleep independently. We will share our top resources on how to gently wean night feedings….even if your goal is to reduce feedings but not eliminate them altogether.

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To read more about night weaning and options on how to implement weaning in your sleep training plan, take a look at pages 100-104 for 6-8 month olds and 148-153 for 9-12 month olds in The Sleep Lady’s Good Night Sleep Tight book.

Articles from The Sleep Lady® Blog:

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    Baby Naps & Night Sleep Training

Whether you’re struggling with short naps, night waking, early rising, co-sleeping, weaning off rocking, walking, feeding to sleep or other common sleep crutches – we’ve seen it all! Remember that putting yourself to sleep is a life skill – and your baby can learn this through sleep training. If you choose to start with night coaching and then nap coaching, or vise versa, or tackle both at once, we are here to help!

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To learn more about how to nap and sleep train your baby, for 6-8 month olds take a look at pages 90-97 and for 9-12 month olds look at pages 139-145 of The Sleep Lady’s Good Night Sleep Tight book, which will give you a step-by-step guide to sleep training your baby.

Articles from The Sleep Lady® Blog:

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Teaching your baby the skill of falling asleep independently creates a life-long solid sleeper.



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Kims’ best-selling book can guide you when sleep training your baby [ages 6-12 months] and beyond, as well as serve as a great supplement to the Gentle Sleep Solutions eCourse.

The book will give you typical schedules to follow, discuss developmental milestones and how they affect baby sleep and will give you examples of how to handle tricky sleep training situations like nap transitions, weaning from a bottle, early rising, night weaning and how to improve co-sleeping or how to end it.

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Creating an ideal sleep environment for your baby will make sleep training much easier – the payoff is priceless!

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