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Join Kim West, also known as the Sleep Lady, as she breaks down your top parenting concerns and gives her gentle take. Not only does Kim believe that you can successfully sleep train your child without leaving them to cry it out alone, but she also teaches shame free parenting. Most importantly, she knows that even in our imperfection as parents, it is possible to raise resilient, compassionate, and confident children. Grab a coffee or a glass of wine, throw in your ear pods, and join us!

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Recent Episodes

with Emily Fletcher

In today’s episode, we interview Emily Fletcher, founder of zivaKIDS, bestselling author and meditation expert. Emily has taught over 40,000 individuals the power of meditation including NBA players and Grammy winning artists. Together, Kim and Emily discuss why meditation matters for kids and parents - and how we can help our kids work through their emotions in a healthy way.

with Amber Trueblood

In today’s episode, Kim sits down with author Amber Trueblood to talk about 7 tips for helping a new parent survive. Seasoned parents don’t be turned-off - Amber’s tips can help you at any phase of your parenting. They are all great, helpful advice that will help you and your children live at your fullest and happiest potential.

with Natalie Diaz

In today’s episode of The Gentle Parenting Podcast Kim sits down with her long-time friend Natalie Diaz. Natalie is the founder of Twiniversity - the world’s leading resource and support network for multiple birth families. Natalie is also an author, Certified Lactation Consultant and a twin parent herself. She has helped hundreds of parents of multiples prepare for and handle life with multiples.

with Alison Escalante

In this episode of the Gentle Parenting Show, Kim sat down with Alison Escalante, MD. Alison is a Pediatrician, speaker, writer, mother and TEDx speaker. She has reached hundreds of thousands of parents with her TEDx talk “The Should Storm” (watch HERE). Alison is an expert in calm parenting and shares her mistakes, lessons and ideas through her parenting journey at ShouldStorm.com

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Do you have expert advice that you know would just be a game-changer for today’s stressed out parents? Then we want you to be a guest on the Gentle Parenting Show! Together, we’ll break down today’s top parenting advice in a fun and laid back style. Busy parents don’t have the time to sit down and read all the parenting books out there, and together we’ll break down the best tips and help them become empowered in their parenting skills. 

The Gentle Parenting Show, created by Kim West - The Sleep Lady

In the Gentle Parenting Show, Kim West will interview parenting experts on everything from mindfulness to developmental milestones and how it relates to gentle parenting. 

Kim West is a LCSW-C, bestselling author and founder of a world-renowned gentle sleep training method. She and her team of Gentle Sleep Coaches have helped over 1 million families find gentle sleep through her courses, best-selling book and 1:1 coaching. Kim is the only baby sleep expert out there with 25-years of experience, and she’s seen everything when it comes to parenting.

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