gentle sleep coaching

What is Gentle Sleep Coaching?

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I never liked the phrase sleep training — although I know it’s how parents commonly refer to the process of teaching children to sleep better. I felt like sleep training implies a rigid program that adults force on children. I’ve spent the last 20 years of my career looking for — and then sharing — a more gradual way to teach children to sleep well. I call it Gentle Sleep…

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daylight saving

21 Tips To Get You Ready For Daylight Saving Time

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In the wee hours of spring each year you may notice that it is getting lighter a bit earlier and inwardly shout “hooray!” I know that I am ready to put away the snow shovel and gloves and spot some spring bulbs coming up in the garden! Another sign of spring that may take a little more adjustment is moving our clocks forward an hour. Fun fact: Daylight Saving Time…

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sleep coaching fails

When Sleep Coaching Fails — What Goes Wrong?

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Do you feel like you failed at sleep coaching — it just didn’t work, and you don’t know why? It’s hard work to get your baby sleeping better. You probably read, researched, and made a plan to make bedtime smoother and to get more hours of uninterrupted sleep at night for you and your child. For some reason it just didn’t work.  Now you feel like you are back to…

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Video: My 19-Month-Old Needs Gentle Sleep Training!

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Hi. I’m Kim West, the Sleep Lady, and in this video, I’m going to answer Natalie’s question about gentle sleep training for her toddler. Here’s what she wrote in: Hi, there. My 19-month-old goes to bed fine, but wakes in the middle of the night and screams until he comes into my bed. He’s a big boy and it’s killing my back but I can’t resettle him in his cot….

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Your Baby Registry — Gugu Guru Makes It Easy and Stress-Free

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When it comes to your baby registry, it can be overwhelming to think of all the odds and ends you may need. However, the most important items for your registry are any products that will help you establish healthy, safe, and supportive sleep routines for baby. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite registry items to help baby sleep safely and soundly. Gugu Guru helps parents figure out what they…

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before sleep coaching

Baby Steps — Where to Start Before Sleep Coaching 100%

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No matter how ready you are for your child to sleep through the night, sleep coaching can feel like a huge leap. It’s not always easy, and requires a real commitment from you. It’s smart to be really ready before sleep coaching. Perhaps you aren’t ready for that commitment. Are you worried that your baby is not ready, and you are wondering if there are “baby steps” you can take…

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wakes for night feeds

Help! My Baby Wakes for Night Feeds 10 Times a Night

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Hi. I’m Kim West, the Sleep Lady, and in this video, I’m going to answer Alexandra’s question about her son who wakes for night feeds. She wrote: My almost eight-month-old is still waking for milk. He’s sleeping with me because if I put him in this crib he wakes up about ten times crying and he won’t go to sleep if I don’t give him milk. He drinks my (breast)…

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mindful parenting

Mindfulness Parenting with Jennifer Waldburger, MSW

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Whether you gave birth months ago or years ago – you are probably far more alert now than you were before you became a parent.  Even if you feel like you have “mommy brain.” That’s because you’re taking care of one or more children. Kids are small people with big needs. By practicing mindful parenting you can focus on understanding and meeting those needs as best you can. Your child,…

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ideal bedtime

Ideal Bedtime: How to Decide What Time Your Child Goes to Bed

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How do you decide when your child should go to sleep at night? Is there really an ideal bedtime for your child? And does it really matter when he goes to sleep as long as he gets the sleep he needs? These are the questions you may be asking in your search for your child’s bedtime. In deciding the best bedtime for your child, we take into consideration the child’s…

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