travel naps

Travel Naps: Tips for Maintaining Naps During Holiday Trips

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The holidays are a time when we get together with friends and family, and that sometimes involves traveling. The mere mention of travel with little ones can immediately raise your blood pressure! You’re concerned that all the gains you have made with your child’s sleep habits are in jeopardy if you change time zones or sleep in a strange place. And travel naps? That sounds impossible. Well, you may be…

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6 Tips for Surviving Holiday Sleep Challenges

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Ah, the holidays. It’s the most wonderful time of the year…except when it comes time to get your children to bed. Not surprisingly, January is one of my busiest months! The days are shorter, nights are longer (and more exciting!), there are lights, activities, family get-togethers, and more. It’s no wonder your children have sleep trouble this time of year! Knowing this, you can try to set realistic expectations, and…

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Teething – How to Get Back To Sleeping Through The Night

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Hi! I’m Kim West, The Sleep Lady, and in this video I’m going to answer Yolanda’s question about teething and sleep. Here’s what she wrote in: “My daughter is nearly 14 months old and was a great sleeper until she began teething at about 9 to 10 months old.  At first, we would have a week or two of night wakings due to teeth pain and then a good week…

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The Sleep Lady’s Holiday Giveaway – 11 Products, 11 Winners!

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‘Tis the season for giving. We’re so grateful you’re here, we are giving eleven premium baby products and packages to eleven very lucky winners. All you have to do is read about the products, scroll down, and enter to win! MAM Win a $75 MAM gift package of assorted MAM items including bottles, pacifiers, oral care items and drinking cups. MAM combines technological innovation, medical function and contemporary design to…

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The Sleep Lady’s Complete Guide to Holiday Gifts for Every Stage

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Fall seems to fly by. As soon as we’ve eaten the last piece of Halloween candy and set the clocks back an hour, we’re already looking for those unique gifts for the holidays. Finding that special gift for everyone on your list can be a real challenge. That’s why The Sleep Lady has put together this list of favorites that will cover every stage of babyhood — from expecting, to…

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early rising

Early Rising — How to End Those Early Wake-ups and Ooly Giveaway!

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Having a baby is akin to having a human alarm clock. Both wake you up with sudden noise, but what do you do when your baby or toddler wakes before 6:00 am ready to start their day? Sure, the average baby wakes ‘early’ by most adult standards but any time before 6:00 am is too early by anyone’s standards! A cheerful, refreshed, and ready-to-go child who wakes at 6:00 or 7:30 a.m….

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crying and sleep training

Crying and Sleep Training: Understanding and Coping with Tears

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What do you think of when you hear the words “sleep training” or “sleep coaching? Lots of non-stop crying?  That’s a common concern for most parents who seek help with baby sleep and decide to begin sleep training. While cry-it-out methods like Weissbluth’s (which is called extinction) and Ferber’s (which is called graduated extinction) work for some, they are too extreme for many people. Parents have difficulty following through, and…

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standard time

How to Fall Back Gracefully to Standard Time with a Young Child

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The article, How to Fall Back Gracefully to Standard Time with a Young Child, first appeared on U.S. News and World Report. On Sunday, Nov. 5, in the United States and Canada, and October 29th in Europe, we will set our clocks back an hour. For a brief moment, it will feel like we’ve stolen an extra hour of sleep. However, when you have small children, you may need to make a…

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