You CAN Potty Train Gently + Successfully!

7 Myths Parents Need To Debunk For A Struggle-Free Potty Training Journey!

Developmentally Appropriate, Research-Backed Advice To Empower Your Child's Potty Training Experience!

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7 Myths Parents Need To Debunk For A Struggle-Free Potty Training Journey!

Developmentally Appropriate, Research-Backed Advice To Empower Your Child's Potty Training Experience!

The second you *think* about

potty training, your little one, all of the advice, horror stories, and "shoulds" start pouring in…


Wouldn't it be great

to know how to cut through the noise, and respectfully potty train your child with certainty and confidence… 

Instead of relying on anecdotal advice and late-nite Google searches to answer questions like: Do I have to nighttime potty training at the same time as daytime?  What if I realistically can't stay in the house for 3+ days? My child is not getting the hang of this… will going back into diapers ruin our progress? What if my child isn't ready to potty train but we have a pre-school deadline?

Phew! Take a deep breath...

We've debunked the biggest potty training myths so you can:

And know that you CAN pottty train!

INSIDE, i'll break down

The Most Common Misconceptions

and offer research-backed, developmentally appropriate, realistic solutions for:

… And so much more!

Meet your Experts...


Hi, I'm Kim West, LCSW-C

But you might know me as The Sleep Lady ™. For the last 30 years I have been asked repeatedly for help with potty training! I have even been asked if I would like to be The Potty Lady!

I politely declined until I finally saw the need for a gentler. medically-backed approach to potty training. And oh lordy I understood why so many loving, gentle parents were asking ME for a compassionate alternative that actually works…

So I decided to take matters into my own hands 👇to create a realistic, respectful, and effective approach to the parents who need it!


Alexis Granelli, Certified Baby Sleep Coach + Gentle Potty Coach

Hi, I'm Alexis... I'm not only a fellow Gentle Sleep Coach, but also trained with Kim West as a Gentle Potty Coach and a Positive Discipline Parent Educator. 

But above all I am a mother who has always believed in the possibility of supporting parents as they navigate all of the phases of growth and development. 

I partnered with Kim to help you understand your child's potty readiness and handle those tricky potty requests at night.



"We were super nervous to start potty training our very spirited little girl, but immediately with the Gentle Potty Method we relaxed and felt like no matter what we had all the tools for success. Everything was smooth sailing and even at daycare they couldn't believe how well it went. Can't thank you enough!"


"We initially had tried doing a boot camp with our 2 year old son but it was disastrous ( I think we all cried). Then we tried this method and in a week he was so proud of himself and diaper free. As a bonus we all learned some amazing strategies that work with his temperament for helping him learn new things. Amazing!"


"I heard from friends the disaster stories about potty training and so I knew that my son needed a gentler approach. Plus my family has a very busy schedule and I couldn't stay locked at home for 3 days. With Gentle Potty Training I felt like they gave me all the tools AND the flexibility to be able to successfully potty train without. My son is now successfully potty trained AND I have told all of my friends about this course."


"This method is so clear and easy to follow. All the steps are laid out and you can go at your own child's pace. This method absolutely  favors that parent-child connection. I felt even closer to my daughter after doing this together."

Ready to set your child up for potty-training success?