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Kim West, LCSW-C, better knows as The Sleep Lady®, is a practicing family therapist and the world's foremost expert on children's behavioral sleep problems.

She's the bestselling author of 'The Sleep Lady's Goodnight, Sleep Tight' and creator of the gentle and effective sleep method 'The Shuffle'. For over 20 years Kim has helped tens of thousands of tired families, just like yours find sleep again.

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Gentle Baby Solutions is an e-course designed specifically for infants from birth to 24 weeks old. You will learn the important skills necessary to encourage positive sleep associations and habits for your new baby, which will make sleep coaching easier after your child turns 6 months.


Gentle Sleep Solutions is my charter e-course, designed for children 6 months and older. This program guides you, step-by-step through my gentle sleep coaching process.

Books by The Sleep Lady

Authored by the world's foremost expert on children's behavioral sleep problems


The Sleep Lady's Goodnight Sleep Tight

Essential reading for any tired parent, or any expectant parent who wants to avoid the pitfalls of sleeplessness, Good Night, Sleep Tight offers a practical, easy-to-follow remedy that will work for all families in need of nights of peaceful slumber!


The Sleep Lady's Good Night Sleep Tight Workbook

The Workbook can be used as a standalone guide and includes all of the essentials, such as lists, plans, and logs needed to help tired parents with children of any age who are experiencing sleep problems.


52 Sleep Secrets For Babies

Learn the 52 sleep secrets you need to know in order to help your baby — and yourself — get the sleep you need.

With over 100,000 copies sold in 4 languages,
my book has helped tired families just like yours

Worked great
By Jennifer MacFarlane

“We researched ALL the sleep books and decided on this one. Her system worked in 3 days! Our daughter really “learned” how to sleep…so grateful for this knowledge and the gentle approach to sleep training.”

Finally! A system that worked for us!

“I tried crying-it-out with my baby and it felt like it broke both of us. I tried no-cry and it was like walking on egg shells with total sleep deprivation. This book is a gentle compromise between the two methods. I really appreciated that the author talks about the “exceptions” and basically every possible scenario. I highly recommend this book to parents of sleepless children at any age!!!”

Best method out there
By Kathryn Henry

“Finally a method that worked for us! My son was 14 months and still waking up 3+ times a night to nurse. When I started this method with him it was like he wanted to learn how to sleep. It only took 2 weeks and he is a rock star sleeper AND I can put him in his crib awake at night and he talks himself to sleep. This book step by step leads you through it all and gives you the freedom to do what you only feel comfortable with.”

Perfect for a busy {tired} mom
By Lindsay Chung

“If you read my review of The Sleep Lady’s Good Night Sleep Tight, you know that I absolutely love her technique. I was having some terrible trouble getting my girls to go to bed and sleep through the night and was in desperate need of some help. I followed her techniques and was able to consistently sleep until my alarm went off. That was unheard of in my home.

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sleep schedules

Baby and Child Sleep: Sample Schedules From 6 Months to Preschool

Sometimes it seems like babies and young children grow up in the blink of an eye. They leave behind one skill and gain another as fast as you can get out your camera. While they are growing, their sleep needs change too. Your three naps-per-day infant grows quickly into a one-nap toddler, and gradually shifts towards getting all of their sleep overnight. It can be hard to keep up with…

sleep regression

Sleep Regression: Just a Phase?

We’ve all been there. Baby has been peacefully sleeping through the night, and, consequently, so is everyone else. Hooray! Then, out of the blue, your sweet baby is up at all hours, wanting to be soothed, fed, and crying. What happened? Many refer to these short episodes as a sleep regression. What is a Sleep Regression? So what is a sleep regression? The term ‘sleep regression’ is used to describe…

postpartum depression

Baby Blues or Postpartum Depression? Learn the Difference

Women are most vulnerable to depression and anxiety during pregnancy and postpartum (the first year after a baby comes). If depression or anxiety is going to surface, it will almost certainly happen during this time. There are so many feelings and thoughts during pregnancy and postpartum, so how can Mom tell, for instance, if she’s experiencing the normal Baby Blues or the disorder postpartum depression (PPD) or postpartum anxiety (PPA)?…

nap coaching

Nap Training: The Best Tips from The Sleep Lady

I often get asked about nap training, mostly parents want to know if it’s possible, and if it is, how to make sure that their baby naps at the correct time and for the proper length of time. Naps are an essential part of both the baby and toddler sleep requirements. Naps allow little bodies to recharge and process the activities that have happened so far in their day. For…

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Newborn infant baby boy swaddled after birth lying in his hospital bed

Newborn Sleep (0-5 months)

Newborns are a lot of work. They’re completely dependent on you for everything. They need to eat around the clock, they don’t know how to fall asleep independently, or self-sooth. Your baby may not be ready for sleep training until about 6 months, but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare or encourage good sleep behaviors now. I have lots of great tips for you to gently help your newborn get off to a great sleep start

Read articles about Newborn Sleep on my blog, or sign up for my FREE Newborn Crash Course.


Baby Sleep (6-12 months) 

This is the time in your baby’s life where they become more mobile, sprout teeth, experience social anxiety, and many start to sleep through the night. But if your baby is used to being rocked, nursed, or walked to sleep it is time to discard those sleep crutches and begin sleep coaching. With changes may come tears, but you don’t need to let your little one cry it out alone with The Sleep Lady’s gentle approach to sleep coaching.

Read articles about Baby Sleep on my blog, or purchase the Baby Chapters of my book, The Sleep Lady’s Good Night Sleep Tight for only $2.99.

Crying toddler boy with blue eyes and blond hairs

Toddler Sleep (13-30 months) 

Early toddlers are prone to behavioral sleep problems, while older toddlers test our rules and their limits. Nightmares and night terrors may start, as well as nap transitions, tantrums, and potty training only further complicating bedtime. Learn how to work through all of these toddler challenges and get them napping and sleeping through the night again!

Read articles about Toddler Sleep on my blog, or purchase the Toddler Chapters of my book, The Sleep Lady’s Good Night Sleep Tight for only $2.99.

Beautiful baby girl getting ready for bed (childhood, security, family)

Children's Sleep (2.5 - 6 years)

Children need a lot of sleep, but they’re clever at figuring out reasons not to get it. This age requires toddler sleep techniques as well as new ones specifically catering to this older, more verbal age group who are often in a bed. Some problems parents may be experiencing during this time also may date back to infancy and take time to resolve. We can help you with all of them!

Read articles about Children’s Sleep on my blog, or purchase the Children’s Chapters of my book, The Sleep Lady’s Good Night Sleep Tight for only $2.99.

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P.S. There are a lot of reasons why your efforts to get your child to sleep through the night have failed in the past – it’s not your fault! Maybe you tried at the wrong time, maybe you didn’t follow through, maybe you missed an underlying condition.

I guarantee that my programs above will give you the tools and support you need to change your child's sleep for the better. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply send me a message to I'm committed to bringing about a pivotal and positive changes for you and your child.


I believe in running my business with absolute integrity. When describing actual results from my clients, the FTC requires that I also disclose what a “typical” result looks like. Certainly, some customers never follow through with the techniques and see no improvement, but if the thousands of thank you notes I’ve received over the years are any indication, these sleep plans work surprisingly well if you follow the instructions with your child.