For parents of children sleeping in beds who are facing sleep issues

Sleep training isn’t just for babies in cribs - we’ve seen plenty of preschool and school-aged children sleeping in beds who are still struggling with sleep. With this guide, we help you realize that even older children need to be taught the skill of putting themselves to sleep, and it’s never too late to teach it. This guide will help you with gentle sleep training strategies that are specific to your child in a bed - we don’t want you locking the door and letting your child cry it out alone in their room! We also provide tips to conquer those bedtime stallers and create a solid bedtime routine.

With this guide, you'll learn about:


"By 6 months old I was desperate. I initially tried Baby Wise, but that just didn't resonate with me. This more gentle approach was perfect for us and by night #3 she slept 12 hours and I feel like a new person."

~ EW


Meet the Author, Kim West, "The Sleep Lady"

Better known as "The Sleep Lady" Kim West used to be a lot like you, tired. Together with her team of Gentle Sleep Coaches and best-selling book The Sleep Lady’s Good Night Sleep Tight, she has helped families get some rest through her proven, step by step gentle sleep coaching method - The Sleep Lady Shuffle, which works for babies in cribs and children in beds.