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"Our 2 year old son with Developmental Delays woke every 2 hours for more than 2 years, and we were exhausted. After working with Katie, Aiden can now sleep on his own. It took some hard work on our part, but working with Katie made it possible, she listened to us, we both adjusted, and she walked through it with us until we made it."

- Mom and Dad of Aiden, 2 years old

You'll discover in The Good Night, Sleep Tight Workbook For Children with Special Needs how to help your child from toddlers to tweens get more - and better - sleep, including:

  • How bedtime routines should be adjusted based on your child's age
  • 2 ways to make the transition from crib to bed … and what to consider if your child has sleep issues
  • The Sleep Lady Shuffle and how it applies to children with special needs … and 3 critical ways it works better than "crying it out"
  • How to coordinate multiple caregivers during sleep training
  • 6 strategies to help kids with sensory issues relax before bedtime
  • The 5 most important visuals to use to help guide bedtime routines
  • The 3 most common nap-coaching snafus - and how to handle them
  • How to eliminate nighttime feedings during sleep training (especially when a bottle or nursing has become a sleep crutch)
  • A 4-step process to ending co-sleeping arrangements … and when you might want to keep things as-is
  • How to create - and implement - a plan that's customized to your child's unique needs and family situation
  • 15 common sleep training challenges - and how to troubleshoot the issues
  • And much more - including templates to help develop and implement a sleep training plan