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What Every Parent Needs To Know About Night Terrors

Night terrors are something that no parent wants to deal with. They’re sudden, loud, scary, and often start and stop without warning. Thankfully, they’re likely more frightening for you than for your child, though it’s quite scary hearing your child scream awak...
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5 Essential Summer Sleep Tips

Summer time means the days are longer and sunnier, school is out and vacations are in! No matter what age your child is, following these simple tips can help you enjoy your summer with your little one and create some wonderful memories! Keep Bedtime The Same &n...
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Could Your Toddlers Tantrums Be Caused by Poor Sleep?

I’m sure that you’ve noticed when you don’t sleep well, you’re cranky, short tempered, and not nearly as understanding as nights when you get sufficient sleep. For our children, you may find that they don’t listen as well, are more difficult, and more resistanc...
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Traveling Through Time Zones

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about travel and how to handle sleep coaching when you’re traveling across the time zones, which happens quite frequently. To help you through this potential travel headache, I’m going to share an excerpt from my book, Good ...
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