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Choose the Best Bed For Your Baby

There has been a big push lately toward choosing greener options, especially when it comes to babies. Whether it’s food, clothing, carpeting, or your baby’s crib, everyone seems to have a green, or organic, option out there. But is it really that important? When it comes to the surface that your baby sleeps on, maybe…

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DIY Blackout Curtain for Your Nursery

It seems like whenever you get into a good routine, something changes. Most recently, it seems to be Daylight Savings Time. Whether your main problem is that the sun rises too early in the morning, shines too brightly throughout the day or stays in the sky too late in the evening, the bottom line remains…

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Baby Sleep: Green Your Nursery

It’s chic to be green these days, and if you’re considering a green nursery (where you baby sleeps), you aren’t alone. Did you know that a standard crib mattress might contain some pretty harsh chemicals and materials? These include antibacterials, commercial waterproofers, nanoparticles used as waterproofing or antibacterial agents, polyurethane, synthetic latex, vinyl, and antimony,…

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