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co sleeping and room sharing

Co-Sleeping and Room Sharing – Tips for Sleeping Safely

Co-Sleeping and Room Sharing – Tips for Sleeping Safely The term “co-sleeping” is often used alongside “room sharing”. While having your child rooming with you for the first six to 12 months is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), sleeping with a baby in your bed is another story. The confusion and controversy…

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The Sleep Lady’s Philosophy

As a clinical social worker in private practice for 18 years I have been counseling families on a wide variety of parenting issues from dealing with tantrums, discipline, bottle weaning to of course, sleep. Over the last 14 years families have sought me out to help them with their child’s sleep. My clinical background in…

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Creating A Secure Mother-Baby Attachment

Many of the families Peter and I have worked with in our practices tell us they have been influenced by literature referring to “attachment theory”. I spent some time writing about this in “Good Night, Sleep Tight“, but I thought it would be helpful to write more about how to create a balanced, secure mother-baby…

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