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Parent Sleep — My Baby Sleeps, Why Can’t I? Sleep Tips for Parents

Parent Sleep — My Baby Sleeps, Why Can’t I? Sleep Tips for Parents After experiencing the usual sleep disruptions that come with having babies and children, some parents find their internal clocks waking them up every few hours, even after the baby sleeps soundly and has learned to stay asleep. Some parents awake with jolts…

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Naps: Not Just For Kids

My mission has always been to help families get the sleep they all need. Admittedly, I usually focus on helping you help your child learn the skills they need to sleep. I have probably written a thousand pages on naps alone – for your child. But the latest research points to the value of a…

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“Baby Stop Crying!” – Learning the Secret Language of Babies

Excerpt from the Updated and Expanded version of “Good Night, Sleep Tight” The Secret Language of Babies Babies have a lot of different cries. I have been fascinated by Priscilla Dunstan’s work on baby sounds, and many families have found it very helpful in understanding their babies’ preverbal communication. Understanding what our little babies are…

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Sex After Baby – Enhancing Intimacy after your Newborn Arrives

Ellen was overcome with love for Sarah, her exquisite newborn daughter.  Watching her husband Michael tenderly rock the tiny precious being they created, she thought she’d never been so happy.  Ellen never dreamed that life, and love, could feel like this.  For the first time, she understood the meaning of the word bliss. But it…

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