Thank You – Here’s your MP3 collection…

Your feedback is so helpful to me, and I promise to use it to make my online sleep coaching course the best it can be.


Download Sweetest Dreams


Click here to download


Here’s the six tracks included:

  1. Introduction- this is a short track where I explain how to use each song on this CD
  2. We’re Pickin Up—this song is great to play while picking up the bedroom, getting out pajamas etc.
  3. You Are Perfect—a song filled with beautiful affirmations that everyone loves to hear!
  4. Relaxation Exercise- this guided relaxation exercise was created for children over 2.5 years old.
  5. Stitch Your Dreams—a quiet soothing lullaby song
  6. Good Morning!—great to use as “wake up music” as I described in my books.

I had such fun creating this CD: writing lyrics, creating the feeling I wanted with each song and spending time watching the musicians bring it all to light. If only I could sing myself!!!

I hope you and your child enjoy this CD as much as I do!