The Complete GUide to Transitioning From A Crib to Bed

For parents who think it’s time and need assistance to move their child from a crib to a bed

There comes a time for every toddler or child to move from the crib to a “big kid” bed. That transition can seem daunting to parents, which is why we created this guide to walk you through the big move. This guide will answer questions like what age should I move my child to a bed? What should I do on the first night in a big kid bed? How can I help them STAY in their beds?  We answer all of these questions as well as list our favorite products for making the big bed transition a little easier on you and your child.

Your child is probably ready for a bed if ...


"By 6 months old I was desperate. I initially tried Baby Wise, but that just didn't resonate with me. This more gentle approach was perfect for us and by night #3 she slept 12 hours and I feel like a new person."

~ EW


Meet the Author, Kim West, "The Sleep Lady"

Better known as "The Sleep Lady" Kim West used to be a lot like you, tired. Together with her team of Gentle Sleep Coaches and best-selling book The Sleep Lady’s Good Night Sleep Tight, she has helped families get some rest through her proven, step by step gentle sleep coaching method - The Sleep Lady Shuffle, which works for babies in cribs and children in beds.