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Baby Sleep Tips:

Sleep Secret #13: Your baby needs a soothing bedtime routine.

A soothing bedtime routine will tell her that its time to slow down (this baby sleep tip is actually not a huge secret, but more common sense). The ideal pre-sleep ritual for a baby lasts no more than 20 to 30 mins–otherwise you’ll be asleep before its over! It may include two or three activities, such as:

  • A warm bath
  • Infant massage (in the baby’s room,  with the lights low)
  • Playing with soft music or singing her a lullaby
  • A snack (nursing or a bottle)
  • Burping
  • Swaddling
  • A snuggle and kisses

You can add books when your baby is around six months old. Whatever you do, do it in the same order each night. Babies find predictability comforting. And a comfy baby is a happy sleeper.
Baby Sleep Tips Excerpt from “52 Sleep Secrets for Babies

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