wakes up at night for a bottle

My 15-Month-Old Still Wakes Up at Night for a Bottle – Video

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Hi, Kim West, The Sleep Lady and today, I’m going to answer this mom’s question about her toddler who still wakes up at night for a bottle: “My daughter is 15 months old and was born premature at 31 weeks.” (So, I’m going to consider her about 13 months.) “We’ve had some problems getting her to sleep at night since she was born. She still wakes up several times during…

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infant feeding

5 of the Biggest Changes in Infant Feeding — And What Hasn’t Changed

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I remember how clueless I felt when gearing up to feed my first baby. I was given all sorts of advice that made my head want to explode. Because I loved my baby so much, I wanted to give her the best. As a dietitian, I decided to dig into the research and have kept up with it ever since (my baby was born 10 years ago!). Since that time,…

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