Sleep Regressions

The 18 Month Sleep Regression

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You were sleeping peacefully…and then you hear your toddler. He’s not just rustling around resettling. He’s screaming mad. Literally. As you drag yourself out of bed, you wonder to yourself what’s wrong? What could be causing your toddler sleep problems? Could this be two-year molars? An ear infection? Is he gassy from eating too much broccoli at dinner? Is his newfound walking (or running!) causing this? The answer: It could truly…

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4 month regression

4 Month Sleep Regression

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You’ve got the schedule down. Baby is FINALLY sleeping more… and then, WHAM! Suddenly she’s not. Welcome to what is commonly referred to as the 4 month sleep regression. Some may refer to this phase as increased wakefulness, but it all amounts to the same thing: you and baby have newly found your groove, and now baby just isn’t acting like herself. This (very common) sleep regression is characterized by…

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pre-toddler sleep regression

Pre-Toddler Sleep Regression? 5 Tips to Help You Get Back to Sleep

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I’m not going to claim that all babies experience a sleep regression or two, but most do. If there is one period that seems to be abundantly common, it’s the pre-toddler sleep regression. This is when babies learn to crawl and/or pull themselves to a standing position. It’s a huge step in their gross motor development, and opens an entirely unexplored world. Of course they don’t want to sleep, and…

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