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What Makes a Sleep Coach Certification Program Great?

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I’ve been training sleep coaches since 2010 (more than a decade!) – and have seen so many programs take after my sleep coach certification. I am truly flattered, but I believe that my program can never be recreated or imitated. There are several key components of my Gentle Sleep Coach Training Program that make it rise above the rest.

When you’re looking for a sleep coach certification, ask yourself these questions about the training program:


How long is the sleep coach certification program and what is involved?

Some programs will simply require you to sit in on the class whether live or online whereas others will have required assignments, an exam, and possibly a complete certification program. Many sleep coach certification programs offer business information and support for starting a consulting business, while this portion of the training is important and useful it should cover considerably less time than issues related to sleep.

What sleep method do you teach? What is the general approach? Is the method adjustable to individual family needs? Is there more than one method that will be taught? Do you teach specific sleep training methods or address sleep in general terms?

Some training courses will give you a basic foundation of the principles involved with child sleep issues but will not teach you specifics on how to get a child to sleep through the night.

Who is teaching the class, and what are their education and experience?

Anyone can teach a class or sell themselves as an expert. A good trainer will have years of practical experience working in the field– ideally at least ten years. Look for multiple instructors, advanced degrees, and real-time experience.

Is there ongoing mentorship, peer review, or support?

This is invaluable….. Some programs offer little support while others will offer a year or more of mentorship and continuing education.

Is the sleep coach certification program organization in it for the long haul?

You want your investment in your training to be worth it. Find a program that is long-lasting in its credibility.

I hope this helps you realize how important it is to ask questions and dig deeper to make sure you’re spending your investment on something valuable.

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