happy child summitI’m so excited to tell you about a valuable and informative event that teaches techniques for fostering long-term happiness in children and teens — the Happy Child Summit.
What could be a greater gift to give your children!
And best of all…it’s free!
The Happy Child Summit takes place online April 8th – 11th, and you can pick and choose which expert interviews interest you the most!
Subjects we will be discussing include:

  • Raising Resilient and Successful Kids
  • Play and Well-being
  • Mindful Technology Practices for the Family
  • Better Sleep to Thrive
  • Strengths-Based Parenting Strategies
  • The Science of Healthy Family Relationships
  • Positive Discipline for Positive Outcomes
  • Taking Actions for Happiness
  • Applying the Science of Vitality to Kids
  • Guiding Kids to Uncover Purpose & Meaning
  • And many more…

Speakers at the summit will include:

  • Tal Ben Shahar, Ph.D.
  • Lea Waters, Ph.D.
  • Amy Blankson
  • Dan Siegel, MD
  • Caroline Adams Miller
  • Dominic Randolph
  • Renee Jain
  • And many others.

Why not visit the Happy Child Summit website and learn more? There are over 20 amazing speakers: all experts and world leaders in the fields of happiness & well-being, education, psychology, sports and more!
We hope to see you there!