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early rising baby

Early Rising Baby: Tips for When Your Baby is Up Too Early

Early Rising Baby: Tips for When Your Baby is Up Too Early So many babies between six and twelve months are starting to sleep in longer stretches over night. Parents are ecstatic that their baby is “sleeping through the night,” until they wake at the literal crack of dawn. Or perhaps the baby was sleeping…

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night weaning

Night Weaning My Baby: My Baby Wakes All Night! Please Help!

Night Weaning My Baby: My Baby Wakes at Night! Please Help! A mom named Melody was desperate for help. She asked, “I need help night weaning my baby!” Here’s what she had to say: “My 11 month old son doesn’t have a problem falling asleep, it’s staying asleep. He still wakes at night… sometimes 3-4 times…

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How a Better Night’s Sleep Will Help Create Healthier Eating Habits

A Guest Post By Healthy with Stefan Many people fail to realize that sleep and obesity, as a result of food choices, are connected. A good night’s sleep could mean the difference between craving unhealthy treats and enjoying fruit and vegetables. It really could be that simple. A good night’s sleep helps you to make…

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When Should I Night Wean My Toddler?

Would you like me to answer your baby sleep problem in my next video? If so, click on the button to the right that says “Click Here to Ask the Sleep Lady” and submit your question. I will pick several questions a month to answer and post them here on the blog! Hi, Kim West,…

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Is It Night Waking or Insomnia?

Nearly every parent has experienced a night when your child just won’t sleep; or maybe your toddler has been waking consistently at 2:00 a.m. for the past month. Regardless of when you’ve experienced night wakings, most of us wonder at some point if our child could possibly be suffering from insomnia. Luckily, true insomnia is…

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How to End Night Feedings After Six Months Old

The most common problem by far that I have encountered with children and behavioral sleep disorders is that most children who experience problems falling asleep have never learned to fall asleep without a breast or bottle in their mouths. This problem of needing this sleep crutch compounds as they get older and no longer physically…

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baby sleep aids

Baby Sleep Aids and Negative Sleep Associations – Break The Habit!

Baby Sleep Aids and Negative Sleep Associations – Break The Habit! What are baby sleep aids, or negative baby sleep associations? It is a connection a child makes with an action made by an adult to facilitate sleep (a sleep aid). It is referred to as “negative” because it will require the continued re-creation of…

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