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Baby Sleep: Great Nights Start With Great Mornings

Written by Irene Gouge, Loving Lessons Pediatric Sleep Consulting A good night of baby sleep starts with a great morning.  When the new day begins, it is a new day for everyone, a fresh start.    The best way to maximize this “good morning” is to connect with y...
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Sleep and Temperament

Baby Sleep and Temperament Written by Gentle Sleep Coach, Janet Mercer “My daughter is VERY active and the pediatrician calls her a motor baby”.    “My daughter’s eating has been tricky… not so much nursing… very feisty… so she eats at night.&nbs...
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Infant Sleep Training Methods Proven Effective!

“Controlled comforting” and “camping out”, examples of training methods for infant sleep training, are safe for babies, improve their sleep, and lower short-term symptoms of maternal depression over the short-term, Australian researchers...
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Baby Sleep Problem: When Do I Start Baby Sleep Training?

When Do I Start Baby Sleep Training if My Child is Chronically Sleep Deprived?? Would you like to have me answer your baby sleep problem question in my next video? If so, scroll down and submit your question in the comment section below. I will pick several que...
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Helping Children Sleep: 6 Back-to-School Sleep Tips

After a few months of throwing your schedule to the wind due to vacations, traveling, long days, BBQs and family fun, the time has come to get back on to a healthy sleep schedule! Here are some back-to-school sleep tips for helping children sleep: 1. If your ch...
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Baby Sleep: A Drowsy Baby is a Baby Ready For Bed

People always ask how they can help their baby sleep. Often in my book, “Good Night, Sleep Tight”, I will instruct you to put your baby down to sleep when she is “drowsy but awake” so she can learn to do that last part of falling asleep ...
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