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early rising baby

Early Rising Baby: Tips for When Your Baby is Up Too Early

Early Rising Baby: Tips for When Your Baby is Up Too Early So many babies between six and twelve months are starting to sleep in longer stretches over night. Parents are ecstatic that their baby is “sleeping through the night,” until they wake at the literal cr...
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special needs sleep

Sleep for Kids with Special Needs — 4 Huge Benefits

Sleep for Kids with Special Needs — 4 Huge Benefits Parents know that sleep for kids with special needs is sometimes hard to come by. Having a more well-rested child will always make life a little smoother. Consider these four benefits for you and your sp...
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Your Child’s Sleep Routine Can Survive Summer Travel

Summertime is just about here! That may mean a more relaxed schedule, longer days, weekend trips, and even some summer travel. I wait for it all year and when it finally warms up I exhale and gratefully slip on capris and sandals! But with all of the change tha...
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The Top 16 Sleep Lady Blog Posts of 2016

As 2016 draws to a close, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at the different sleep issues I tackled this year.I covered baby, toddler, and even parent sleep, as well as multiple sleep challenges such as coaching twins, night terrors, and those ever-...
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How to Improve Your Mornings

Whitney and her sister, Courtney, created the Stoplight Golight timer to help Whitney’s twins get on a sleep schedule.  While Courtney didn’t have any children of her own at the time, she saw the difference it made for her sister’s children and together they ma...
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The Family Bedtime Routine — A Parenting Priority

Do you ever have one of “those days”? A day when you wonder if all the work of being a parent is worth it? It might be time to create a bedtime routine. You know what it’s like. There are those moments when your child transforms into a screaming beast because y...
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