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Giveaway for Dads! Keep Calm and Soothe your Baby

New parents have their hands full, and it seems like nobody becomes an expert at soothing a newborn until AFTER theirs are grown. Do you feel like there’s just nothing you can do to calm your new bundle of joy? We’re going to change that! In honor o...
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8 Tips To Get Mom More Sleep — Mother's Day and Every Day

I started sleep coaching friends of friends with the intention to help parents (especially moms) teach their children to sleep…so they could sleep too. Because let’s face it, an exhausted and worn out version of you isn’t the best parent you can be. I decided t...
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Kids Zip Sheets Solve a Common Problem!

I’ve talked about the common causes of early rising many times. But one thing that I haven’t really touched on is rather obvious (especially if your child has just transitioned from the crib to a “big kid” bed): your children may be waking during the night if t...
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