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Sleep Deprivation in New Parents: Learn All About Newborn Sleep

Sleep Deprivation in New Parents: Learn All About Newborn Sleep When you prepare for your baby, you make sure everything is in order, right down to your baby’s sleeping arrangements. You make sure that you have washed her clothes, set up the changing table, and you pack your hospital bag. You make sure that all…

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4-month sleep regression

4 Month Sleep Regression – Tips to Soothe your Baby

4 Month Sleep Regression – Tips to Soothe your Baby You’ve got the schedule down. Baby is FINALLY sleeping more… and then, WHAM! Suddenly she’s not. Welcome to what is commonly referred to as the 4 month sleep regression. Some may refer to this phase as increased wakefulness, but it all amounts to the same…

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early rising baby

Early Rising Baby: Tips for When Your Baby is Up Too Early

Early Rising Baby: Tips for When Your Baby is Up Too Early So many babies between six and twelve months are starting to sleep in longer stretches over night. Parents are ecstatic that their baby is “sleeping through the night,” until they wake at the literal crack of dawn. Or perhaps the baby was sleeping…

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The Top 16 Sleep Lady Blog Posts of 2016

As 2016 draws to a close, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at the different sleep issues I tackled this year.  I covered baby, toddler, and even parent sleep, as well as multiple sleep challenges such as coaching twins, night terrors, and those ever-tricky naps! Here are 16 top posts…

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Baby Sleep: My Top 4 Holiday Sleep Tips

The holidays are quickly approaching, and while they are some of the most joyous times we can experience with our family, they can also be some of the most stressful times. This is especially true with young children whose sleep routines can easily get thrown out of whack! While some children are more adaptable and…

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Baby Sleep Schedule: 7 Tips for The End of Daylight Saving Time

It’s almost that dreaded time again – the end of Daylight Saving Time! While “falling back” was once a glorious time of sleeping in an extra hour, every parent knows – kids don’t follow that plan!  Parents around the country dread the disruption of their lives from transitioning their children’s sleep to a new time…

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Newborn Sleep: 9 SIDS Prevention Tips Every Mom Should Know

October is National SIDS, Pregnancy, and Infant Loss Awareness month here in the United States. One of the biggest fears new parents have is SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  Though the rate of SIDS related deaths is currently at an all-time low, unexplained, sleep-related death still claims as many at 4,500 babies a year….

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Tracking Your Baby's Sleep with Evoz

Once the days of erratic, unpredictable newborn sleep start to fade, most babies begin to form at least a loose schedule to their sleep.  Rather than cat napping on and off around the clock, sleep begins to order itself; first you start to see one longer stretch at night between 6-8 weeks and then a…

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My 9 Month Old Doesn't Sleep Through The Night

Would you like me to answer your baby sleep coaching problem in my next video? If so, post your question on my Facebook Page! I will pick several questions a month to answer and post them here on the blog! Hi! I am Kim West, the Sleep Lady, and in today’s video I’m going to answer…

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Confessions of a Gentle Sleep Coach

Raise your hand if you can relate: Life lessons always seem to be learned the “hard way.” You’re so busy juggling life and hurdling obstacles that more often than not it takes a near crisis for those long-awaited and much coveted “a-ha moments” to filter through the chaos and find their way to you. Sound…

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