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Trying To Get Parenting Right Gives Us Parenting Anxiety

Trying To Get Parenting Right Gives Us Parenting Anxiety   Alison Escalante, MD joins us as a guest writer to talk about parenting anxiety. Alison is a pediatrician, mother, and TEDx speaker. She has reached hundreds of thousands of parents with her TEDx t...
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selfish to sleep coach

Is It Selfish to Sleep Coach? A Baby Sleep Expert Responds

Is It Selfish to Sleep Coach? A Baby Sleep Expert Responds When we find out that we are pregnant we are overjoyed and elated by the idea of bringing a new life into the world. From that moment forward we do everything in our power to protect the little human be...
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6 Tips for Surviving Holiday Sleep Challenges

Ah, the holidays. It’s the most wonderful time of the year…except when it comes time to get your children to bed. Not surprisingly, January is one of my busiest months! The days are shorter, nights are longer (and more exciting!), there are lights, activities, ...
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5 Tips for Bringing the Calm Back to Your Mornings

I encourage you to visit Katie Holloran, MA, BCBA at http://www.behavioristnextdoor.com or on Facebook  for more tips, resources, and information on sleep coaching. As a parent myself, I find these 5 tips to be the most helpful in getting back on track when my ...
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Get Your Beauty Sleep

Moms have often told their daughters to get their beauty sleep. Recently, science has  caught up to the wisdom of moms everywhere and validated what Mom has always known: you just look better when you get good sleep! We spend a lot of time here discussing the v...
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Naps: Not Just For Kids

My mission has always been to help families get the sleep they all need. Admittedly, I usually focus on helping you help your child learn the skills they need to sleep. I have probably written a thousand pages on naps alone – for your child. But the lates...
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11 Must-Read Sleep Tips for Parents + Book Giveaway

  I am happy to introduce a sleep expert specializing in adult sleep.  Like our children , we, too,  can develop bad sleep habits and sleep crutches throughout life.  Dr, Rosenberg’s book addresses many sleep disorders and ways to develop better slee...
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