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Baby Sleep Problem: Should I Train My Child to Sleep thru Noise?

Weekly Baby Sleep Problem for The Sleep Lady: “Dear Kim, I read your book “Good Night, Sleep Tight” and  used The Sleep Lady Shuffle when my daughter was 10 months old. She’s been sleeping great since then. Your book saved my sanity because it used to take me up to 2 hrs to put her…

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Daylight Savings Time Tips for You and Your Child

Weekly Question for the Sleep Lady: Dear Sleep Lady, I am nervous about Daylight Savings Time this weekend! I finally got my daughter sleeping thru the night (with a few early mornings on occasion) and I don’t want to ruin our great progress! Can you give me some Daylight Saving tips? Nervously, Beth Dear Beth-…

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Is Potty Training Ruining Your Child's Sleep?

This week’s question for The Sleep Lady: “Help! My 2 year old is delaying his bedtime and waking up in the middle of the night to say he has to poop on the potty. Naturally, we are torn between risking a dirty diaper and letting him get out of bed only to sit on the…

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Your Child's Growing Brain: Keeping It Happy, Healthy and Moving Forward!

A guest article about your child’s growing brain by  Frank J. Kros, MSW, JD, President of The Upside Down Organization I have taken several workshops with Frank Kros from the Upside Down Organization. They are great!!! Just had to share this article with you all! The article is written for teachers but the advice applies to…

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Baby Sleep: Safe Sleep Recommendations

Here are some tips for baby safety, specifically safe baby sleep. Most of the information is from the American Academy of Pediatrics and First Candle. I’d like to emphasize that this advice is primarily for healthy infants. Always talk to your doctor, particularly if your child was premature or has any health problems or unique…

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“Baby Stop Crying!” – Learning the Secret Language of Babies

Excerpt from the Updated and Expanded version of “Good Night, Sleep Tight” The Secret Language of Babies Babies have a lot of different cries. I have been fascinated by Priscilla Dunstan’s work on baby sounds, and many families have found it very helpful in understanding their babies’ preverbal communication. Understanding what our little babies are…

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potty training

Potty Training Tips While Preserving Your Child’s Sleep

Potty Training Tips While Preserving Your Child’s Sleep Parents often have a lot of questions about toilet training and how it interacts with sleep. You’ll learn: The “potty training window” Start potty training in the daytime Use pullups for naps and sleep for now Avoiding the potty as a bedtime stall Potty training is a milestone!…

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Sex After Baby – Enhancing Intimacy after your Newborn Arrives

Ellen was overcome with love for Sarah, her exquisite newborn daughter.  Watching her husband Michael tenderly rock the tiny precious being they created, she thought she’d never been so happy.  Ellen never dreamed that life, and love, could feel like this.  For the first time, she understood the meaning of the word bliss. But it…

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