sleep helpWell, this is startling news. We all know that parent’s of babies lose sleep, but a new research study found that on average,

Moms lose an entire month of sleep during their child’s first year…Talk about needing sleep help! Ouch!

This averages out to missing approximately 2 hours of sleep per night, which doesn’t sound too terrible until you actually do the math. That adds up to about 740 hours of missed sleep that year, or approximately 31 days. Wow, not if I can help it!
Sleep deprivation can cause much more than just saggy eyes, or irritability. Below are some of the impacts that even moderate sleep deprivation can have on your mind and body: (Read this article if you’d like to  learn more about these in more depth)
1. High Blood Pressure
2. Weakened Immune System
3. Sleep Paralysis
4. Weight Gain
5. Memory Loss
Join me on my mission to give mother’s back these precious hours of sleep during their child’s first year, so that both parents and children can have a wonderful first year of life together!

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Photography by peasap on Flickr