My Gentle Sleep Coaching System
Gets Your Child Sleeping in Under 2 Weeks*

* when age appropriate

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Jessica Manella Litwack MSW

"I think of sleep coaching as solution-focused therapy for my clients. I love being able to give them a tangible solution to the issue they are facing, and then offering them support throughout the process of implementing it. Being with them from the beginning to the end of the coaching process allows me to see their success and the benefits that come with it"

Testimonials from parents like you...

“Thank you. Thank you for giving us our nights back. Thank you for restoring order to our household. Thank you for giving our children the gift of good sleep. Thank you for being the best $495 we've ever spent!” — Happy, Rested Mom

Here’s How the Gentle Sleep Coaching Program Works

My Certified Gentle Sleep Coaches will do all of the following:

Review your family history
Listen or read carefully to what you have tried and what your goals are
Create with your coach a customized sleep plan that works for your child
Your Gentle Sleep Coach® is available to support you through the entire process

Your sleep plan will factor in your child’s temperament, your parenting philosophies, your unique situation, and your family life. Your sleep coach will then support you as you implement the plan.

No matter what your situation, we can customize a sleep plan for your child that should have him or her sleeping through the night in less than two weeks.

It doesn’t matter if you’re co-sleeping or breastfeeding or you are room sharing.

Your Gentle Sleep Coach® can help because she will build a personalized plan that takes ALL of your unique circumstances into consideration.


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We can't make any guarantees but we can promise that if you use our sleep coaching plan and directives as outlined, you should see marked improvement, often in as few as 10-14 days (or even less!).

We promise respectful, professional, courteous treatment from all of our Certified Gentle Sleep Coaches.

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When you purchase a sleep package from The Sleep Lady, we will proudly make a donation to support Project Night Night. Project Night Night assists homeless children by providing a tote filled with a blanket, book, and small stuffed animal to bring comfort and security during a traumatic and upsetting time.