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Our 100% gentle, respectful, and inclusive sleep solution is evidence-based,
connection-centered, and our coaches are trained by Kim West, MSW, the creator of the renowned Sleep Lady Shuffle® method and Baby Led Sleep Shaping and Coaching℠ for babies 0-5 months old.

A good night's sleep is within reach!

Our 100% gentle, respectful, and inclusive sleep solutions are evidence-based and connection-centered.

Our coaches are trained by Kim West, the creator of the renowned Sleep Lady Shuffle® method for children 6 months to 6 years old and Baby-Led Sleep Shaping and Coaching for babies 0-5 months old

No matter the age, stage, or needs of your child, we have coaches who can help you, with a 98% success rate!

Depending on their situation, some families will face roadblocks when sleep coaching and it won’t be effective for them. Here are some reasons why ...

  • A child may have an underlying condition like sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, or GURD. All of these can make sleep coaching difficult.
  • If all of a child’s caregivers (parents, guardians, teachers, sitters) are not on a united front and consistent with sleep training, issues may arise.
  • Untreated Postpartum Depression and Anxiety in a mother can affect the consistency needed for sleep training.
  • Marital or partner arguments can cause caregivers to not be on the same page when sleep coaching.
  • If sleep coaching isn’t a consistent priority for 3 weeks.

“Jessica provided the plan, support and the reassurance we needed to be successful!”

I truly didn’t think there was light at the end of the tunnel with our daughters terrible sleep. She has NEVER slept more then 4 hours straight for almost 2 years with multiple wake ups needing our assistance to fall back asleep. Also taking 30-40 minutes to fall asleep each time! We were all tapped out and knew we needed help.

Our daughter now is able to be put down in the crib awake, falls asleep on her own and sleeps straight from 8pm and 7am! We are all getting the sleep we so desperately need!

Rebecca, mother of 20 month old


Your Sleep Questions, Answered

I know we’re ready to start sleep coaching but don’t know how to start?

How can I help my baby sleep better without letting them cry it out?

I have to feed my baby to sleep and back to sleep all night! How can I reduce these night feedings and wakings?

Why is my child getting out of bed every night?

Why is my child or baby waking up so early?

When should I move my child to a bed?

Get all your questions answered and book a 45 minutes consult call with a child sleep expert for just $99.

It doesn't matter if your child is in a bed or crib, a certified Gentle Sleep Coach can help.

A good night's sleep is within reach!

We know that you are not willing to sacrifice your child’s emotional health and wellbeing with sleep training strategies that leave all involved shedding a few if not A LOT of tears.


“Working with Marni was one of the best things we did…”

She listened to our concerns about sleep and behavior. She gave us the tools to address our concerns and be successful. We went from an unorganized bedtime routine to an structured bedtime.

She was always available when we needed her. Thanks to Marni we are a happier and healthier family.

Rachel and Dan,
parents to 4 year old


“She was calming and very reassuring…”

Tina was an immense help getting my almost 3-year-old back into good sleep habits! She was calming and very reassuring to this sleep-deprived mom who thought all was lost!

Tina’s tools and tips, and general demeanor, made all the difference and we now have a well-rested family thanks to her!

Jill, parent to a 3 year old


“I needed a hand hold, play-by-play plan…”

We are so thankful for Abigail and her approach to sleep training our 8 month old son. I needed a hand hold, play-by-play plan and cheerleader—Abigail provided just that. With her support and regular check-ins, we had our little guy weaned and sleeping through the night in just over a week!

I can’t recommend Abigail’s gentle training style enough (cry it out makes me want to cry) and her help to get our whole family back on [sleep] track.

Happy Rested Mom

A good night's sleep is within reach!

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You can ask any sleep questions for children newborn to age 6 years old.

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