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3 year sleep regression

The 3 year Sleep Regression — What to Expect

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Congratulations! You’ve made it out of the phase of intense and frequent sleep regressions. Yes, your child’s sleep will sometimes be affected by major changes for the rest of their lives. Face it, we are all sleepless now and then. Starting a new school, moving homes, and travel can throw any child’s sleep off temporarily. But the rapid pace of developmental changes — and sleep regressions — that babies experience…

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7 month sleep regression

The 7 Month Sleep Regression — What To Expect

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You’ve probably seen this before when your baby was around 4 months, and it WASN’T fun. Your baby, who got through the last sleep regression and was finally sleeping well day and night, is suddenly waking early from her naps and up all night. You’re tired and she’s tired — it’s the 7 month sleep regression in full swing. You know it’s a sleep regression when your baby is experiencing:…

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12 month sleep regression

12 Month Sleep Regression — What to Expect

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As your baby approaches 12 months, it’s time to talk about sleep regressions — AGAIN! Do you sometimes wonder if your baby’s sleep regressions will ever end? Will you EVER be able to count on a good night’s sleep for you and your child? You know you’re facing a 12 month sleep regression when your child is experiencing: Increased fussiness Multiple night wakings Fewer naps or short “disaster naps” Changes…

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night waking

Night Waking – How to Kick the Habit for Good!

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Hi. I’m Kim West, the Sleep Lady, and in this video I’m going to answer Tiffany’s question about night waking. Here’s what she wrote in: “I cannot kick the night wakings of my nine-month-old. Our daughter is obsessed with her bottle whether hungry or not and must have it when she wakes for comfort. How do I break an addiction like this? The problem is that she will go from…

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special needs

It’s Never Too Late: Get Bedtime Back on Track for Your Child with Special Needs

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For most of us, bedtime with babies and toddlers can be trying. Between eating, school work, bedtime routines, and general hustling around, things can get derailed quickly. As much as we may have prepared and tried to organize our children’s schedules, sometimes we find ourselves without a calm and early enough bedtime routine. Fear not! If you’re one of the many parents with a child with special needs who feels as…

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resisting at bedtime

Video: My Toddler is Resisting at Bedtime! What Should I Do?

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Hi! I’m Kim West, The Sleep Lady, and in today’s video I’m going to answer Claire’s question about her daughter who is resisting at bedtime. Here’s what she wrote in: My daughter is 2-1/2 years old and she recently started crying at bedtime. She’s surrounded by her dolls and teddies and she repeatedly cries, “I’m on my own!” She’s always slept through the night and I don’t what I can…

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six-month-old sleep

Help! My Six-Month-Old Has Never Been a Good Sleeper and it’s Getting Worse!

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Hi! I’m Kim West, The Sleep Lady, and in this video I’m going to answer Chloe’s question about her six-month-old. Here’s what she wrote in: “I have a six-month-old baby who has never been a good sleeper and it seems to be getting worse. She does have a late bedtime and I can’t seem to make it earlier.  I have to put her down at 6:30 or 7 but then…

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sleep regression

Sleep Regression — What to Do When Your Sleeping Baby Stops Sleeping

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You have followed all the steps, and maybe done the Shuffle for a week here and there. You have a baby who sleeps well. Then it happens. The dreaded sleep regression. Common at many ages and for many reasons, sleep regression is the single most popular baby sleep topic at We have put together a handy list of articles with great advice. If you’re struggling with a sudden setback, scroll through…

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Newborn Sleep: 12 Things That You, as a New Parent, are Doing Right

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Written by Andrea Strang, Certified Gentle Sleep Coach, Postpartum Doula, and owner of KinderSleep. One of the most common things I hear from parents is that they feel like they are “doing it wrong”.  There is nothing that can adequately prepare you for the journey into parenthood. You may find yourselves feeling overtired and overwhelmed, on the one hand, and amazed and overjoyed on the other. Along the way, you…

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older sibling sleep regression

Older Sibling Sleep Regression — 7 Ways Dad can Help

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When you are expecting an addition to your family you prepare to sleep less, shower less, and generally have less “alone” time. You know the upcoming days with a newborn in the house will be treasured but very, very full. You also are likely to tell big brother (or big sister) what they can expect when they welcome a new baby home. As a seasoned parent you know there will…

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