We are always on the lookout for new products that will not only help parents, but helps the environment as well.  And when a product also helps your wallet, well then we have to feature it in one of our Give Away Contests!   In this week’s blog, we are featuring EZ Squeezees, a product founded and developed in our own backyard along the Inner Harbor of Baltimore.

EZ SqueezeesEZSqueezees

Looking for simple ways to think green and make your life easier simultaneously?  Then look no further.  Developed in the open-air farmer’s markets of Baltimore, EZ Squeezees make mealtimes and snacks-on-the-go a cinch.  Tired of buying high-priced processed foods, the creators of EZ Squeezees developed a convenient pouch that can hold healthy and nutritious food YOU choose to feed your child – wherever you are.  Don’t compromise nutrition and pay exorbitant amounts for convenience and pre-packaged food.  Bring your own, pre-packed by you.
A perfect solution for kids with dietary restrictions, family meals out, or just fussy eaters.  Fill EZ Squeezees with meals you make and take – like mashed potatoes, applesauce or yogurt.  Simply fill with foods you know your child will eat.  The best part?  Rinse and repeat – saving you 5 to 6 times the cost of pre-packaged store bought foods.

Saves You Money, And Saves The EnvironmentEZ_equals2

Because they are reusable, EZ Sqeezees saves you money and saves the environment, one pouch at a time.  Easy to clean, dishwasher safe.  Fill. Squeeze. Eat. Repeat.


How Easy Are EZ Squeezees To Use?

1. The large, zippered side of the EZ Squeezees pouch opens the entire length of the pouch, allowing you to easily fill the pouch with homemade or store-bought food. The opposite side of the pouch has a large gusset that allows the pouch to expand for hands-free filling.
2. Close the pouch using the super strong zipper.
3. Hand  pouches to hungry children  and watch them squeeze, eat and enjoy.
4. Rinse your pouches and re-use.  Dishwasher safe, but a quick rinse usually does the trick with a bottle brush helping with any stubborn foods.
5. REPEAT. (see step 1)


Looking for some new, quick and easy health recipes to share with your entire family?  Check out this link  for a list of unbelievable easy and nutritious meals to make and share in a pouch or at the family table!

Free Shipping And Free Products!

Want to give this product a try?  The folks at EZ Squeezees are kind enough to offer free shipping in the US on any of their products through the end of this month.  Just enter the code SLEEP upon check out.  Want to win some FREE pouches?  Then enter below – Good luck!
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