baby sleep tips

Baby Sleep Tips:

Excerpt from “52 Sleep Secrets for Babies

Secret #3 – Babies do all sorts of things to soothe themselves to sleep

-Sucking thumbs, fingers, a pacifier, or a lovey.
-Twirling the tags or ears of stuffed toys.
-Twirling their own hair; playing with their ears (not just a sign of ear infections).
-Rocking their blanket or lovey against their face.
-Rocking their body or head; gently banging their head, legs or arms against the crib bumper.
-Lifting their legs up and letting them drop; humming, singing, babbling or talking.
-Weaving their blankets between their fingers.
Once we start to put our child down awake they will have the opportunity to create their own soothing sleep ritual!

photo credit: benachou via photopin cc