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Creating A Secure Mother-Baby Attachment

Many of the families Peter and I have worked with in our practices tell us they have been influenced by literature referring to “attachment theory”. I spent some time writing about this in “Good Night, Sleep Tight“, but I thought it would be helpful to write more about how to create a balanced, secure mother-baby…

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Why Does My Baby Fight Sleep? – Sleep Coaching the Super Alert Child

Sometimes I hear parents who haven’t tried my system, predict that it could not possibly work for their child. They believe it will only work for “easy” or “mellow” babies. It can work for all children, including some babies, toddlers, and preschoolers with special emotional needs or physical challenges. Patience and consistency are important for sleep-shaping…

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Baby Sleep Aids and Negative Sleep Associations – Break The Habit!

Baby Sleep Aids and Negative Sleep Associations – Break The Habit! What are baby sleep aids, or negative baby sleep associations? It is a connection a child makes with an action made by an adult to facilitate sleep (a sleep aid). It is referred to as “negative” because it will require the continued re-creation of…

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Sleep is a Learned Skill

Research shows it takes the average person 15-20 minutes to fall asleep. What do YOU do during this time? Some parents read, take a both, meditate, or watch TV. Children, too, need to find something to help put themselves to sleep – playing with stuffed animals, sucking their thumb, looking at books, twirling their hair,…

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“My Baby Will Not Sleep” Is All About Quantity AND Quality Sleep

First, let’s begin by addressing four of the most coveted words in parenting – “sleeping through the night” – a term most parents long to understand, experience, and feel! Throughout our sleep time, we are constantly transitioning and cycling between light and deep sleep (known as REM and non-REM). During these transition periods, we experience…

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