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Baby Sleep Tips: Your Baby Needs a Soothing Bedtime Routine

Baby Sleep Tips: Sleep Secret #13: Your baby needs a soothing bedtime routine. A soothing bedtime routine will tell her that its time to slow down (this baby sleep tip is actually not a huge secret, but more common sense). The ideal pre-sleep ritual for a baby lasts no more than 20 to 30 mins–otherwise…

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Consistency is Your Key to Baby and Toddler Sleep Coaching Success!

We all know it is important to be consistent in parenting but it’s hard to be 100% consistent- especially in the middle of the night when we are tired and not thinking clearly (and you’re in the middle of sleep coaching). Parents need to begin by talking about their goals, making sure they agree on…

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Baby Sleep Tips: Oh, the many ways babies soothe themselves to sleep!

Baby Sleep Tips: Excerpt from “52 Sleep Secrets for Babies” Secret #3 – Babies do all sorts of things to soothe themselves to sleep Some typical baby sleep rituals: -Sucking thumbs, fingers, a pacifier, or a lovey. -Twirling the tags or ears of stuffed toys. -Twirling their own hair; playing with their ears (not just a…

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Baby Sleep Tip: What is the Best Baby Sleep Advice?

Check out the baby sleep article below printed in the UK’s paper the Telegraph on April 22, 2010. Make sure that you read the very last sentence. I will comment further there. What is the Best Baby Sleep Advice? In Penelope Leach, elder stateswoman of childcare gurus, say so. In a new book she argues that…

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Stop swaddling baby

“When Should I Stop Swaddling My Baby” – Weaning Your Baby Out of His Swaddle

Many parents of newborns worry that they will have to actively “wean” their baby from swaddling.  Luckily, babies often send clear signals that they don’t like being swaddled anymore as they get more mobile. On average, babies are ready to be weaned off swaddling between  3 and 4 months of age. However, many babies continue to enjoy being swaddled…

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Baby Sleep: A Drowsy Baby is a Baby Ready For Bed

People always ask how they can help their baby sleep. Often in my book, “Good Night, Sleep Tight”, I will instruct you to put your baby down to sleep when she is “drowsy but awake” so she can learn to do that last part of falling asleep on her own. If you have trouble visualizing…

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10 Tips for Pleasing Your Picky Eater

10 Tips for Pleasing Your Picky Eater, by Karen Mahan, BS, MS- Guest Blogger Being a picky eater is part of what it means to be a toddler. There are developmental reasons why kids between one and three years of age peck and poke at their food. After a year of rapid growth (the average…

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A Guide to Getting Baby To Nap at Daycare

In my work with parents, I constantly stress the need to be consistent. But consistency isn’t always possible if babysitters, nannies, child care centers or grandmas are also involved with your child’s sleep. To the extent possible, work with these other caretakers to develop consistent or at least not wildly incompatible, sleep rules and schedules….

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How to End Night Feedings After Six Months Old

The most common problem by far that I have encountered with children and behavioral sleep disorders is that most children who experience problems falling asleep have never learned to fall asleep without a breast or bottle in their mouths. This problem of needing this sleep crutch compounds as they get older and no longer physically…

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