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Sleep Coaching With Postpartum Depression

  This week, I’m answering Cat’s question about sleep and post partum depression:   “My son is two and a half and was recently transitioned from one nap at day care at around 11:30 or 12:00 to no naps because he was refusing to sleep until 9:30 or 10:00 pm on those days when he had a…

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Dealing With Post Partum Depression: An Interview with Dr. Shosh

Huffington Post recently published an article entitled When Post Partum Depression Doesn’t Go Away. Certainly, there are far more new moms out there suffering from post partum depression (PPD) that have been diagnosed, and many just assume that it’s “baby blues”. The fact is that these are two very different things. As always, I want…

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Did You Know That 1 in 5 Women Experience Postpartum Depression?

Written by Dr. Shosh I’m a survivor of two life-threatening postpartum depressions.  At the time of my illnesses, there was no help for me. The great news is that, if you’re suffering from depression in pregnancy or postpartum or know someone who is, there’s help now.  For the last 24 years my mission has been…

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