Last updated on August 2nd, 2021

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Kim West, MSW, Mom of 2, creator of The Sleep Lady Shuffle

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Can You Eliminate Night Terrors?Today, Lully, the company behind the first device proven to stop night terrors, is introducing their newest product, the LullySleep Guardian Plus. It is proven to stop up to 80% of night terrors within the first 4 weeks of use, and it makes night terrors shorter and less severe. Best of all, it includes brand new features available to parents for the first time. 
Last week, I talked about night terrors. Let’s refresh a bit:

  • According to the National Sleep Foundation, 36 million children experience sleep disorders on a weekly basis.
  • Night terrors typically occur in children between 18 months to 12 years of age.
  • More than four million U.S. children suffer from night terrors at any given time, according to the journal Pediatrics
  • In the United States, it is estimated that nearly 25% of children age 2 to 12 will experience night terrors at some point in their lives.
  • Studies show that when just one child in a family suffers night terrors, the entire family is affected due to sleep disruption, cumulative sleep depravation, and related anxiety.

Night terrors are often confused with nightmares, but they’re quite different, as I mentioned.

  • unnamedNight terrors are a condition where a child is suddenly roused from deep sleep and appears to be extremely scared or upset, but cannot be awakened.
  • During these episodes, children often scream and are very frightened and confused.
  • The child appears to have a severe temper tantrum that can’t be stopped.
  • The child may not respond to being spoken to or comforted.
  • The episodes occur within 3-4 hours of falling asleep.
  • The child usually won’t remember the episodes in the morning.


What if you could stop night terrors altogether?

I’m extremely excited about a brand new product that was just released today: The Lully Sleep Guardian. It’s a device the size of a hockey puck, but it has tremendous potential.
Parents simply place the little Sleep Guardian device under their child’s mattress. Then the Guardian uses data from your smart phone to determine your child’s sleep patterns. This is the really cool part: The Sleep Guardian determines when night terrors most often occur.
Then, before the night terror happens, the Lully sends a brief vibration which gently rouses your child out of the sleep pattern that was previously causing a night terror. For families that are losing sleep because of these disruptive episodes, this is quite a break through:


This Isn’t A Gimmick

The Lully has undergone clinical testing and most families in the test saw improvement in as little as one week:

  • Through extensive clinical research and over 10,000 nights of testing with families across the US, the Lully Sleep Guardian is proven to improve night terrors within one to four weeks of use.
  • A landmark six-month clinical study found that the Lully Sleep Guardian prevented nearly 80% of night terrors in children ages 2 to 9.

Lully is the children’s smart sleep company that makes the Sleep Guardian, the world’s only scientifically proven solution to night terrors. Founded in 2014 by Stanford Biodesign fellows Dr. Andy Rink and Varun Boriah, Lully is a San Francisco-based company that creates innovative sleep devices and companion smart apps to help children and their families sleep better. For more information, visit www.lullysleep.com or follow Lully on Twitter: @LullySleep.

The Lully Sleep Guardian Plus is available with a launch special of $30 off! Visit bit.ly/1mhqyMa to learn more! 

Author: Kim West, MSW, Mom of 2, creator of The Sleep Lady Shuffle

My name is Kim West, and I’m the mother of two beautiful girls, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has been a practicing child and family therapist for more than 21 years, and the creator of the original gentle, proven method to get a good night’s sleep for you and your child. My sleep journey began when I started experimenting with gently shaping my daughter’s sleep by not following the conventional wisdom at the time. After having success (and then more success with my second daughter!), I began helping family and friends and my step-by-step method spread like wildfire, exactly like an excellent night of sleep for a tired parent should!