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gentle sleep coaching

What is Gentle Sleep Coaching?

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I never liked the phrase sleep training — although I know it’s how parents commonly refer to the process of teaching children to sleep better. I felt like sleep training implies a rigid program that adults force on children. I’ve spent the last 20 years of my career looking for — and then sharing — a more gradual way to teach children to sleep well. I call it Gentle Sleep…

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ideal bedtime

Ideal Bedtime: How to Decide What Time Your Child Goes to Bed

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How do you decide when your child should go to sleep at night? Is there really an ideal bedtime for your child? And does it really matter when he goes to sleep as long as he gets the sleep he needs? These are the questions you may be asking in your search for your child’s bedtime. In deciding the best bedtime for your child, we take into consideration the child’s…

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drowsy but awake

Drowsy But Awake — The Cornerstone of Successful Sleep Training

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The term “Drowsy but awake” comes up in just about every piece of advice about sleep coaching. But just what does it mean? Newborns drift in and out of sleep in short cycles, while older babies and toddlers consolidate into more regular patterns. The minutes before they drift into slumber are crucial. How we facilitate those moments is the cornerstone of sleep training or coaching. Newborn Sleep Newborns aren’t born…

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new year's resolution

Your Best New Year’s Resolution — Better Sleep for the Whole Family

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It’s time to turn the page on 2017 and commit to a new year. Maybe it’s the perennial favorite of a better diet or a new exercise program, or maybe it’s a commitment to spending more quality time with your family. Better sleep is one New Year’s resolution that will help you keep up with every other resolution you make this year. Proper sleep supports greater neurological functioning, better appetite…

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travel naps

Travel Naps: Tips for Maintaining Naps During Holiday Trips

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The holidays are a time when we get together with friends and family, and that sometimes involves traveling. The mere mention of travel with little ones can immediately raise your blood pressure! You’re concerned that all the gains you have made with your child’s sleep habits are in jeopardy if you change time zones or sleep in a strange place. And travel naps? That sounds impossible. Well, you may be…

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early rising

Early Rising — How to End Those Early Wake-ups

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Having a baby is akin to having a human alarm clock. Both wake you up with sudden noise, but what do you do when your baby or toddler wakes before 6:00 am ready to start their day? Sure, the average baby wakes ‘early’ by most adult standards but any time before 6:00 am is too early by anyone’s standards! A cheerful, refreshed, and ready-to-go child who wakes at 6:00 or 7:30 a.m….

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single parent and sleep training

Single Parent and Sleep Training? How to Make It Work for You

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Being a single parent is no easy task. Whether it’s due to divorce, death, a spouse in the military, or that’s just how it is, handling the day-to-day tasks of raising a child alone can test even the most organized and composed person. Being a single parent and sleep training your baby? It sounds impossible, but it can be done successfully. Single Parenting and Sleep Training If you have just…

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wean baby from pacifier

Should My Children Share a Room While I Wean the Baby’s Pacifier?

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Hi! I’m Kim West, The Sleep Lady, and in this video, I’m going to answer Barbara’s question. She is about to wean the baby’s pacifier while trying to get her older child to sleep. It’s a little bit long, but it’s a very common sleep situation. Here’s what she wrote in: “My daughter is 2-1/2 years old and my son is 7 months. I read your book early in my…

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special needs back to school

It’s Never Too Late: Get Bedtime Back on Track for Your Child with Special Needs

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For most of us, all over the world, we’re officially back into the school year grind. Daily homework, schedule-juggling, and the general hustle of the school year are officially upon us. As much as we may have prepared and tried to organize our children’s schedules, sometimes we find ourselves without a calm and early enough bedtime routine by the end of September. Fear not! If you’re one of the many…

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nap schedule

Help Your Child Nap Well: A Nap Schedule for Every Age

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Parents often wonder when their baby will settle into a “perfect” nap schedule. This can feel quite elusive when you have a newborn, but knowing what to expect based on your baby’s age and development can help. It’s important to set realistic expectations and to understand nap basics and how to transition your child from two naps to one and then to a quiet time. I advise parents to follow some…

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