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coronavirus stress

Coronavirus: How to Manage Stress and Talk to Your Kids

None of us has ever experienced what we’re going through right now — a global pandemic. While some are buying up all the toilet paper, and others are scrambling for childcare, the small people in our lives are watching. They hear us talking about coronavirus or...
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Happy Child Summit – FREE! Starts April 8th

I’m so excited to tell you about a valuable and informative event that teaches techniques for fostering long-term happiness in children and teens — the Happy Child Summit. What could be a greater gift to give your children! And best of all…it’s free! The ...
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Daylight Saving Time — 9 Tips for Springing Forward

It seems like the winter holidays just ended, and it’s already on the horizon — Daylight Saving Time! In the US, we spring forward on Sunday, March 10, and it’s Sunday, March 31 in Europe. The week afterwards is usually one where everyone feels a little t...
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holiday sleep tips for toddlers

Holiday Sleep Tips for Toddlers: Sleeping on the Road

Holiday Sleep Tips for Toddlers: Sleeping on the Road No matter how hard you try to keep your child on a predictable and comforting routine, the holidays sometimes make sleep disruptions unavoidable. Some toddlers are more adaptable than others. If you’re...
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Unique Holiday Gifts for the Special Women in your Circle

We’re taking a little time-out from our usual topics because it’s almost that time of year! Are you looking for a special gift for your sister, mom, or best friend that goes beyond? If you want to step above a pair of gloves or a plain gift card and really wow ...
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