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Toddler Sleep: Is My Toddler Ready to Drop to One Nap?

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  Weekly Toddler Sleep Question for The Sleep Lady: “How do I know when my toddler is ready to drop down to one nap a day?  My 14 month old is fighting his second nap, often resulting in him missing it entirely.  I have tried shortening his first nap so he would be tired for his second nap, but that didn’t work.  I also tried pushing his first nap later…

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toddler bedtime routines

Toddler Sleep: Creating a Sleep Inducing Bedtime Routine

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For toddlers and preschoolers, the bedtime routine can often be the most challenging part of the day. It means another transition and separation from you, at the same time that everyone in the household is a bit tired and sometimes frazzled from a long day, especially when you really just want to help your toddler sleep. Create a Soothing and Predictable Bedtime Routine Every parent knows that bedtime routines should…

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