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Daylight Savings Time Tips for You and Your Child

Weekly Question for the Sleep Lady: Dear Sleep Lady, I am nervous about Daylight Savings Time this weekend! I finally got my daughter sleeping thru the night (with a few early mornings on occasion) and I don’t want to ruin our great progress! Can you give me so...
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Is Potty Training Ruining Your Child’s Sleep?

Is Potty Training Ruining Your Child’s Sleep?     Community Question of The Week: Potty Training and Sleep “Help! My 2.5 year old who is newly daytime potty trained is stalling at bedtime and waking up in the middle of the night to say he has to ...
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The Sleep Lady’s Philosophy

As a clinical social worker in private practice for 18 years I have been counseling families on a wide variety of parenting issues from dealing with tantrums, discipline, bottle weaning to of course, sleep. Over the last 14 years families have sought me out to ...
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Second baby coming! How Long Should We Roomshare?!

“I’m pregnant with my second child.  My son will be 3 when the new baby comes.  He is a great sleeper.  We live in a small 2 bedroom townhouse.. so my concern is how long should the baby roomshare with my husband and I before moving the 2 kids to th...
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Toddler Sleep Problem: Summer Sleep Routine Busters

No matter how hard you try to keep your child on a predictable and comforting sleep routine, disruptions are inevitable, and so are some toddler sleep problems. Some routine-busters, like a vacation or a weekend at the grandparents, are planned and welcome. Oth...
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Baby Sleep: A Drowsy Baby is a Baby Ready For Bed

People always ask how they can help their baby sleep. Often in my book, “Good Night, Sleep Tight”, I will instruct you to put your baby down to sleep when she is “drowsy but awake” so she can learn to do that last part of falling asleep ...
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