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Baby Sleep Tips:

Secret #12 -Your Baby will rest best in a “sleep-friendly” room.

Its fun to decorate nursery: the sweet bedding! adorable toys! lovely shower gifts! But remember, the whole point of a nursery is for baby sleep.
Go ahead and make your baby’s room as cute as can be, but be sure to incorporate a few elements that will help guarantee he’ll be able to actually sleep in it:

  • Walls painted soft, neutral or pale colors.
  • A dimmer on the overhead light or lamp–so you won’t have to perform those wee hour feedings and diaper changes under glaring lights.
  • A night-light.
  • Room-darkening shades.
  • Thermostat set between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • A white-noise machine, especially if you have older children, a dog that barks a lot or if you live in a noisy neighborhood.
  • A crib with a firm mattress.
  • Keep stimulating toys, like black-and-white mobiles, out of the crib.

Excerpt from “52 Sleep Secrets

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Photography by by janineomg on Flickr