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Baby Sleep Problem: When Do I Start Baby Sleep Training?

When Do I Start Baby Sleep Training if My Child is Chronically Sleep Deprived?? Would you like to have me answer your baby sleep problem question in my next video? If so, scroll down and submit your question in the comment section below. I will pick several que...
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Baby Sleep Solutions: Nap Time Tips!

Nap Time Tips and Baby Sleep Solutions from The Sleep Lady: Remember that skipping naps will not help your child sleep better at night…..it’s the exact opposite! Watch for your child’s sleep cues and get them in to bed for their nap. Some common cues are: quiet...
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Toddler Sleep Help: My Two Year Old No Longer Naps! Help!

Weekly Toddler Sleep Help Question for The Sleep Lady: “I have an almost 2 year old toddler (will be 2 in a couple weeks) and she will not nap. This just started, in the past she would nap for 2 hours. We do the same routine that we always do – books, roc...
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