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different sleep schedules

Different Sleep Schedules — How to Get Everyone to Sleep

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Many families who are welcoming a new baby already have a toddler or preschooler at home. While welcoming a new member of the family is incredibly exciting, it’s also a time of transition. This is especially true where different sleep schedules are concerned. Chances are you probably had your older child’s sleep schedule down pat. In some cases, the good sleep habits of your first may have prompted your decision…

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summer sleep tips

Summer Sleep Tips: 10 Ways to Improve Summer Slumber

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The days are getting longer, temperatures are rising, and summer is almost here. After rainy spring days, and a cold winter, the warmth is a welcome change. However, many parents don’t realize that this change may actually affect their baby’s summertime sleep. You already know how to handle the longer days. Vacation sleep sometimes veers a little off course — but can easily be corrected if you are careful to…

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child wakes up

My Child Wakes Up 20 Minutes After Falling Asleep at Bedtime

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Hi, Kim West, the Sleep Lady and in this video, I have an answer for this mom whose child wakes up shortly after going to sleep. She wrote in: “My 8-month old is sleeping beautifully thanks to your program except that every night after she goes to bed, my child wakes up after about a half an hour and cries for at least 20 minutes. She goes to bed at 7:30…

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disaster naps

Help! My Baby is Taking 30-Minute Disaster Naps

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Napping is one of the hardest challenges in sleep coaching. Today ,I am answering a question from follower Jenny about “disaster naps”. She writes: “My daughter is 12 months old and I’m trying to teach her how to fall asleep and stay asleep on her own. She does pretty well at night. She goes to sleep easily and can sleep through the night for 11-1/2 hours.” Wow! Good job Jenny…

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quiet time

Dropping the Afternoon Nap — Transitioning to Quiet Time for Toddlers

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Naps to quiet time can bring a big transition for the whole family! Many families ask me at what age do children give up their naps. On average children give up their afternoon nap at 4 years old. That being said, I have worked with many 3-3 1/2 year olds who successfully give up their daily afternoon nap (these children are sleeping through the night). Watching your child’s behavior is…

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