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Early Rising and Naps: Wake Time is Ruining Our Nap Schedule

Early Rising and Naps: Wake Time is Ruining Our Nap Schedule A reader named Ann wrote in for help with her son’s early rising and naps. She wrote: “I’ve been trying to get my 5 month old on a good nap schedule, but it’s so hard as he wakes up at different times each day….

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Can Being a Stay at Home Parent Lead to Baby Sleep Trouble?

Let me just start this article by saying that I have great respect for all parents. We are all incredibly hard working, dedicated, and loving individuals. For some, that means working out of the home, and for others, it means that we chose to leave the workforce to be home with our children. As parents,…

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Can Sleep Issues Be Mistaken For ADHD?

There is more and more research being done regarding the potential link between Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder and children’s sleep issues. It’s well documented that we are all getting less sleep than we used to. In fact the amount of people who are getting less than seven hours of sleep each night has increased by…

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Baby Sleep: What Does it Really Mean to "Sleep Like a Baby?"

by Andrea Strang, CGSC Why has “Sleep Like a Baby” become our shorthand for a good night’s sleep? As parents, you may quickly come to realize that your baby’s sleep patterns differ from yours. Babies spend more time in light sleep and less time in what we would call restorative sleep. It is normal and…

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Typical Sleep Schedule: Recommended Hours of Sleep for Babies and Toddlers

Most parents ask me what a “typical day” of feedings, naps, and bedtime would look like for their child. Because I get so many questions about this, I decided to dedicate this post to just that. What follows are typical baby and toddler sleep schedules for  specific ages and stages. Please note that “typical stages” apply to generally healthy…

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The Sleep Lady’s Philosophy

As a clinical social worker in private practice for 18 years I have been counseling families on a wide variety of parenting issues from dealing with tantrums, discipline, bottle weaning to of course, sleep. Over the last 14 years families have sought me out to help them with their child’s sleep. My clinical background in…

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